Should You Wear Socks With Dance Shoes? (Quick Facts)

Dance shoes are an essential part of a dancer’s performance. These shoes allow the dancer to move with ease and support them. When starting dancing, questions such as “How do I wear these dance shoes?” and “Are you supposed to wear socks with dance shoes?” may arise. 

Socks can be worn with dance shoes if the dancer feels the need to do so, as socks won’t negatively impact the dancer’s performance. However, whether it is suitable to wear socks with dance shoes depends on the kind of dance one is engaged in. 

There are many questions regarding dance shoes and socks that may confuse those new to dancing. In this article, we will go through some of these questions and answer them. 

Should You Wear Socks With Dance Shoes

What Are Dance Socks?

Dance socks are specifically made socks that are intended to be worn by dancers. These dance socks are made to provide the dancer with comfort and ensure that the dancer’s feet are protected from blisters. Dance socks are made of thin yet high-quality cloth that allows the dancer’s foot to move freely and provides some support while the dancer performs. 

These dance socks are highly breathable to allow air to pass through and provide the dancer’s feet with comfort during their performance. Dance socks may also have a layer of light padding on the bottom of the sock, which will provide the sole of the dancer’s foot with support and make it easier for the dancer to balance themselves. 

Most dance socks have a toe sock design that gives the dancer more freedom to perform the dance movements. This toe sock design also provides the dancer with more ease during their dance performance or practice. The socks’ material is often extremely lightweight, and due to this, the dancer doesn’t feel the weight of wearing these socks on their feet and, therefore, making them perfect to be worn during a dance performance. 

What Do Dancers Wear on Their Feet?

Many dancers do not prefer dancing barefoot as they feel that it damages their feet and limits their ability to perform intricate and complex dance movements. Therefore, dancers often wear dance shoes to improve their balance, grip and provide comfort. Some dancers also prefer wearing special dance socks with these shoes to make their performance even more comfortable and improve their feet’ health. 

Dancing can put a lot of strain on the dancer’s feet since the dancing performance depends entirely on a dancers’ feet. Dancers need to take care of their feet and make sure that they choose shoes that ensure their feet are safe from blisters. Different types of dances have different kinds of dance shoes or dance socks specifically designed to be worn during the performance. 

For example, ballet shoes are made to provide the dancer’s feet with support and comfort, especially during performing en pointe. Ballroom dancing shoes are made to ensure that the dancer can slide and rotate on the dance floor with ease. Therefore, dancers that perform different genres of different dancewear types of shoes and socks. 

Why Do Dancers Wear Socks?

Dance socks have become more popular among dancers, and many dancers swear by these dance socks. Wearing socks has several benefits for dancers, and this is why many dancers prefer to wear socks while performing. Socks can protect the dancers’ feet while they perform and prevent the feet from rubbing against the shoe’s often-hard material. 

The socks act as a barrier between the skin of the dancer’s feet and the shoe, allowing the dancer to feel more comfortable in the dance shoes they are wearing while also protecting their feet. 

Socks are not only worn with shoes by the dancer; many dancers also wear socks when they practice instead of practicing barefoot. Dancing barefoot can be uncomfortable, and it inhibits the dancer from being able to slide on the dance floor with ease. 

Therefore, many dancers wear socks when they practice, and this makes sure that the skin on the soles of their feet is protected, and they are also able to rotate, slide, and glide on the dance floor if the dance genre is the dance genre requires them to do so. 

Dancing in socks also makes the dancer feel more connected with the dance floor, and they can move their feet freely and easily. Therefore, many dancers wear socks to obtain comfort and the functionality that comes with wearing socks. 

Do Ballerinas Wear Socks?

Ballet is one of the most intricate types of dances, and a large number of the population loves to engage in ballet. Ballerinas spend years in training to perfect all the different movements involved in ballet. Performing ballet can also be quite uncomfortable for a beginner because the ballet dancers are required to keep their feet in while performing. Alongside ballet shoes being essential to perform ballet, wearing socks can also benefit ballerinas.

Wearing ballet socks depends on the ballerina’s preference as some ballerinas feel that wearing ballet socks aid them in their performance, while some think it causes damage to the performance. One of the main reasons why ballerinas would prefer to wear socks is because they can absorb any sweat that may be produced while performing. 

Ballerinas practice for many hours in a day, and in hot, humid weather, their feet may get sweaty in ballet shoes. Therefore, wearing socks will help their feet remain dry and also make sure that the ballerinas feel comfortable while performing. 

Some ballerinas wear socks when they practice ballet movements that involve them twirling because the socks provide them enough slip to perform these movements efficiently. However, some ballerinas feel that socks cause slipping and provide a potential safety threat as the ballerina may slip, lose their balance, and hurt their feet. Hence, wearing socks indefinitely depends on the ballerina’s choice and preference. 

5 Tips to Select Dance Socks

When it comes to selecting dance socks, one might find themselves quite confused with all the variety available in the market. However, some tips and tricks will allow you to find the right dance socks for yourself. 

The first of the most important tips to remember when selecting dance socks is that the socks should be very lightweight and should almost feel as though you have nothing on your feet to ensure that they won’t weigh you down. 

Secondly, the dance socks you select should be made up of a breathable material, which will allow air to pass through and reduce any risk of possible infections.  

The third tip is to ensure that the dance socks fit your feet perfectly, as any excess fabric will only cause an uncomfortable feeling while performing. Hence, a good fit for dance socks is essential. 

The fourth tip for selecting suitable dance socks is to make sure that the socks offer enough slip if you plan on dancing in just the socks. The socks should provide slip to allow for effortless movements and have some grip to them so that you can’t slip and fall on the dance floor. 

Lastly, the last and fifth tip to help you choose the right dance sock for yourself is to make sure that you choose socks specifically designed for the dance genre you wish to perform. Ballet socks differ from ballroom dancing socks, and hence, it becomes necessary to choose the right sock, or it might lead to the socks being ineffective. 


Dancing is a great, enjoyable activity that can help you stay physically fit and help you socialize. Ensuring that you have the appropriate equipment for dancing is essential, and hence, good dance shoes become an avoidable purchase for all those who wish to begin dancing. Dance socks can also be quite important when performing because these socks can help you dance more effectively and make sure you’re comfortable during your performance. The dance socks will also allow your feet to move freely and make it easier to perform the dance’s intricate movements. As long as the dance socks are suitable for the type of dance you wish to perform, dance socks can absolutely be worn with dance shoes.

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