5 Best Swing Dance Shoes In 2023 (Buying Guide & Review)

Swing dancing is a really lovable dance style. It’s fun and also an excellent way to work out. However, you need the right shoe to support, protect, and keep your feet comfortable while fully harnessing the fun in this dance. 

Unfortunately, the market is flooded with different brands, colors, sizes, and even styles, that making the right choice can be confusing.

However, don’t worry! We’ve done the hard work. 

After 72 hours of intense research and physical testing of top market brands, we’re able to put together 5 of the best swing dance shoes. 

 But, if you’re in a hurry and don’t have much time to peruse through our top 5 products, you can use the links below: 

Best Swing Dance Shoes

5 Best Swing Dancing Shoes Reviewed

1. Ollio Women’s Classic Lace Up – Best Overall For Women

If you want class and comfort and a touch of vintage look, you don’t want to ignore this wing-tipped oxford swing dance shoe from Ollio. 

Apart from being lightweight, the  Ollio Women’s Classic Lace Up is made out of durable, high-quality, and long-lasting materials! 

If it stains (like any shoe might do), just have them wiped and they become as sparkling new as ever. 

Except you use insoles or have high arches, Ollio Women’s Classic Lace Up fits most feet. So you don’t have to return your shoes back and forth. 

 Its built-in rubber sole ensures that dancers who love traction will appreciate the great piece of artwork. If you prefer the suede sole, just add the suede to it. 

Overall, the Ollio Women’s Classic Lace Up is suitable for anyone looking for the best of both aesthetic (vintage look) and durability (durable rubber sole and heels) at a decent price. 


  • Beautiful vintage design 
  • Flat, small heel best suited for swing dancing 
  • Protect the feet and comfortable 


  • Rubber sole impair fast movement

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2. Keds Champion Sneakers

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 Our runner-up, the Keds Champion Sneakers is an excellent green dancing shoe. Made out of top-grade canvas martial and available in 10 beautiful colors, it won’t go wrong with your desired outfit. 

It doesn’t matter your foot size or shape, there’s always a Keds Champion Sneakers that matches up with your spec. 

Thanks to their availability in multiple heights and widths. 

The built-in cushioned insole keeps your knees and feet stable even after a prolonged dancing hour: A great match for dancers that love the additional arch support.  

I notice a little bit of stiffness with the dance shoe so you need a little know-how to wear them correctly. 


  • The insole provides great arch support
  • Thick, durable soles for a swing dancing experience with impact  
  • Available in 10 different colors that match with multiple outfits 


  • Material is a little stiff. You can start by wearing them around the home for indoor familiarity 

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3. Linodes Lace-up Jazz Shoe

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Jazz shoes have been around for a while as a go-to for ballroom dances like swing dancing. Jazz shoes are designed as a special shoe for quick flexing, movement, or any dance style that requires the foot’s movement. 

Linodes Lace-up Jazz Shoe is one of the most popular jazz shoes that has helped a lot of dance enthusiasts maintain a perfect dance fit, last for long, and be comfortable on a 0.4-inch heel. 

Features like the split sole and the soft fabric lining support the feet while providing great traction on the dance floor.

This swing shoe is also suitable for men to use.  Make sure you purchase a size that’s 1-1.5 larger than the normal size. 


  • A perfect fit for unisex use 
  • Comfortable on the feet after a long use
  • Laces allow width adjustment which is a great fit for dancers with both narrow and wide feet 


  • Not suitable for outdoor practice. 

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4. Jig Foo Women’s Dance Shoe – Best For Budget

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This dancing shoe is available at a cheaper price but the quality is impressive and way above what you’re spending on this! 

Jig Foo Women’s Dance Shoes are elegant and have a decently comfortable heel. If you’re just trying to get used to wearing heels, this small 1-inch heel shoe is definitely up your alley as you enjoy stability on your feet. 

The dancing shoe features an ankle strap to tighten the feet. Plus its embedded metal shack keeps your arches protected. 

The suede sole of this shoe is durable and can last longer. You have 3 beautiful colors to choose from; gold, silver, and black. 

Overall, the Jig Foo Women’s Dance Shoe is best for beginner swing dancers looking for simple, yet comfortable shoes at a highly affordable price. 


  • Comfortable small 1 inches heel 
  • Beautiful colors to complement your dancing outfit 
  • Competitive price 


  • Frequent shoe removal may be difficult due to buckle issues 

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5. Dress first T-bar dance shoes

The Dress first T-bar dance shoes are also one of the best-heeled swing shoes around. Made out of genuine leather, its soft, breathable lining will ensure that your feet stay cool on the dance floor. 

The suede sole is more perfect for indoor use, and less of an outside shoe. So I’ll suggest being careful of how frequently you wear them to outdoor dance events. They tend to react easily to harsh conditions. 

The shoe’s soft fabric lining supports the feet while providing great traction on the dance floor.

The decent 1-inch heel makes it a fairly moderate dancing shoe for new dancers. They look a little narrow on the toe area so I wouldn’t recommend this for dances with wider feet. Made out of a leather upper, you can be sure of breathability on the upper feet as you dance. 

In addition, the swing shoe is stylish and fits multiple dance styles. 


  • Perfect for multiple dance styles  
  • Breathable lining
  • A perfect suede sole and leather upper swing shoe 


  • Narrow toe. Not suited for dancers with wide feet 

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Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Shoe for Swing Dancing 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner or a professional swing dancer, chowing the right shoe can be challenging! 

What’s the most durable sole for swing dancing shoes? 

Should you preferably go for heels or flats? Are our casual shoes a good fit for swings? 

 I hope this guide will help you make an informed decision based on personal preference, how frequently you use the shoe, where you practice (indoor or outdoor), and more. 

Factors to Consider Before Choosing Swing Dance Shoes

The market is flooded with pools of options out there, of course. And it’s difficult not to get lost.  However, keeping the following tips in mind will foster an informed buying decision so you won’t make an undesirable choice. 

Sole Types 

Rubber and leather soles are the two most used sole types. 

Rubber soles are the real deal for styles of swing dances that require lots of traction, for example, the Lindy Hop styles. Rubbers have a firm grip on hard surfaces like the dance floor. They’re the perfect fit for outdoor swing dances. However, rubbers might not be a good fit for all surfaces. Turning with rubber soles can be a little harder on some surfaces. 

Suede or leather soles have a lesser grip than rubber. And they’re a perfect fit for swing dances like the Balboa, because of their smooth feel and the ability to easily glide and turn. 

As you probably know, twisting on the toe is a critical swing dance skill and suede soles make it easy! However, be careful about using them on slippery surfaces. 

 Overall, leather soles like tennis shoe soles are best suited for outdoor surfaces (because they’re usually rough) and swing dance styles like the Lindy Hoppers that require stronger grip. 

 The leather soles are a good fit for indoor dancing and they’re outstandingly popular for swing shoe dance.  

Formal or Causal?

The decision of choosing between formal and casual dance shoes all comes down to personal preference.

Like most styles, swing dance was once a causal dance. So going for casual shoes is not an unacceptable option for swing dancing. 

Formal shoes are not fully supportive of the swing dancing styles because they are more delicate. But, formal shoes like professional dress shoes for men and women are a wearable option. Another suitable option is to add the rubber or leather sole to your street shoe and they become a swing dance shoe alternative.  

In a nutshell, a swing dance shoe or a casual tennis shoe can be a better option than formal shoes. 

Style and Fit

Talking of style, you’ll prefer the closed-toe shoe with massive stability and support. 

Women have different shoe styles to choose from – from open-toe to peep-toe styles. Many dancers will prefer to go for the close-toe shoe, especially with the movement requirement of swing dancing (the footwork, the legwork, feet getting stepped on). 

In addition, laces and adjustable straps in women’s swing dance shoes provide extra ankle support. Men also prefer shoes with laces for tightness adjustment.  

Top-grade leather shoes are the real deal if you want to achieve a perfect fit! Leather shoes are strong. They are tight even after multiple uses. 

It’s important to have a tight fit so you can easily feel the one floor. And that’s where leather shoes come in handy. 

 When it comes to the style of design, a lot of dancers will prefer the oxford-styled vintage swing shoe or something classier. While this is an old-time style, it takes us back to those good ole days when those Big American bands graced the occasion with the swing dance moves we see today. 

So you may need to critically consider this vintage look. However, as mentioned earlier, it still comes down to personal preference and what looks good on you. 


Obviously, you don’t want a swing dance shoe that compromises on quality, for any reason. More importantly, for seasoned professional swing dancers who dance almost every day; you want a shoe that lasts a long time. 

A typical leather shoe has a long-lasting feature because strong materials are used In the production process. 

A quick hint; most cheap swing shoes lack long-lasting quality. 

Heels? Flats? 

Men and women swing dance shoes have either heels or flats. Flats provide better support and stability so they’re usually easier to use. Mostly beginner-centric.  An example of flats is the Lindy Hop shoes. But if you’re a heel lover, you can go for small, thick heels to keep stable feet as you dance. 

Furthermore (and surprisingly), shoes with slight heels offer added comfort especially among people with high arches. 

Between 1-1/2 heels can be a little higher for swing dancing. Again, it all comes down to preference. 

Best Dancing Shoes for Outdoor Dance 

As aforementioned, shoes with rubber soles are the best for outdoor swing dance. Flat tennis shoes or street shoes that provide traction and a firm grip on the ground are the best for outdoor swing dance. 

They are more fragile and may be torn when worn outdoors. So it’s best to go for rubber-soled swing shoes. 

On the other hand, feel free to add a rubber sole to your shoes with a leather sole. 


Swing is an amazing dance and you won’t but love it. Easy to learn. Fun to dance. Do you need the right dance shoe to spice up the dance? It’s critical to buy the best shoe for swing dance to improve your performance while providing optimal feet support and comfort. 

Our top pick is the Ollio Women’s Classic Lace-Up. If you want class and comfort and a touch of vintage look, you may want to check out this wing-tipped oxford swing dance shoe from Ollio. 

It is lightweight, made out of durable, high quality, and long-lasting materials! Plus, it comes at a price that is best considered a steal. 

If you’re on a tight budget, you can go for the Jig Foo Practice swing dancing shoes. While this dancing shoe is available at a cheaper price, the quality is impressive and way above what you’re spending on this! 

All the products we reviewed are unique and top-notch. 

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