5 Best Salsa Dance Shoes In 2023 (Buying Guide & Review)

As a salsa dancer, wearing the right shoe is the key to a memorable dancing experience with a partner. 

Whether you love the New York Style, Afro-Latino, or the Miami-style casino, you’ll need extensive arm work, leg work, and spins. 

You cannot do any of these (or in the proper way) in the absence of the right pair of shoes. 

Luckily, we’ve made the task an easy peasy for you. In this review, we’ll reveal the 5 best salsa dance shoes for dance enthusiasts like you.  

If you’re in a hurry, check out our top pick – Linodes Tent Leather Upper Dance Shoes.

It’s a top-notch shoe from Linodes, a reputable brand in the dancewear market. 

Our goal is to ensure that your next salsa shoe shopping experience is seamless and worthwhile. 

Best Salsa Dance Shoes

5 Best Salsa Dance Shoes Reviewed

1. Linodes Tent Leather Upper Dance Shoes

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I’ve never seen a gathering of men and women’s dance shoe discussions or forums without hearing praises of the Linodes Tent Leather Upper Dance Shoes. The brand has earned a solid reputation in the dancewear industry because of the quality materials they use during the production process. 

The high 2.3 inches heels guarantee your ankle and knee safety as you take your favorite salsa dance steps.   

The multi-purpose function of this woman dancing shoe is another feature to love. Apart from being wearable to a regular dance practice session, you can also wear them to stage performances or even to typical occasions like birthday parties. 

The brand uses lightweight and flexible materials to deliver the comfort you’re looking for in a salsa dance shoe pair.  

Apart from the incredible arch support, the product also features a suede outsole that is durable enough for a heavy dancing session. 

Overall, the Linodes Tent Leather Upper Dance Shoes allow you to show off your salsa dance moves while keeping your feet stabilized and protected from injuries. 


  • Perfect for beginners and professionals alike 
  • Moderate heels for optimal balance 
  • Perfect for stage competitions or practice sessions 
  • A buckle release quickly for easy, instant slip on and off 
  • Features sweat-absorbant satin material 
  • Perfect for a variety of dance styles


  • Beginners may not be comfortable with the heel height 

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 2. TTdancewear Women Rhinestone Ballroom Dance Shoes

This footwear is an elegant shoe from TTdancewear with a considerably high comfort level. It is available in a variety of colors to choose from. 

It features a suede sole for excellent traction as you spin or throw some acrobatic move on the go. And on the dance floor. 

Its sparkles protect your feet from occasional slip as you practice your favorite steps. 

In addition, the satin straps guide the feet from slipping when you perform. 

This flexible shoe is best suited for women with thick, wide feet. No wonder it’s one of the best salsa dance shoes around. 

However, some users complain about the 2.5” and 3.0” heels that are “not so firm” on the ground. 

In a nutshell, if you’re looking for a comfortable, top qualify dance shoe for women, you might want to check out the TTdancewear Women Rhinestone Ballroom Dance Shoes. 


  • Straps for proper feet protection 
  • The upper satin area is breathable and moisture absorbing 
  • Lightweight for improved feet comfort 
  • Adjustable buckles and straps 
  • Available in a variety of colors to choose


  • Heels not so firm 
  • Not suited for narrower feet women 

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3. Bulunka Women’s Latin Dance Female’s Ballroom Salsa Shoes

If you’re just getting your feet on the salsa dance ground, you might love this footwear. A perfect beginner salsa shoe. 

The durable heel provides accurate balance and support to your ankle as you practice your moves. It’s safe. No fear of ankle strain or toe fracture. 

Adjust the straps and buckles for additional support, especially when twisting and turning (which may cause the feet to fling out) 

I’d say the bulk women’s Latin dance shoes are one of the notable favorites among salsa dancers after seeing loads of positive reviews from real-time users. 

You will equally get the value for your money. And of course, this is a great add-on to your shoe collection.  

Available in black, orange, and nude, you will get value for money spent as you add it to your wardrobe collections.

The satin uppers also have fresh, breathable air into your feet as you dance on the 2.5 inches heeled shoe.  


  • Decent height is suited for salsa dance 
  • The adjustable buckle delivers an unmatched comfort
  • Available in triples colors: black, orange, and nude 


  • Sizing not so accurate 

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4. DLisiting Latin Dance Shoes

The unique design of the DLisiting Latin Dance Shoes caught our attention. 

The shoe is designed with an additional padded footbed to provide extra comfort all the time. Of course, you’re not trading this extra feature for stability as the strap keeps the shoe stable to the feet. 

Here’s the big thing: I highly recommend the DLisiting Latin Dance Shoes for people with wide feet, especially those struggling to find the perfect fit for their feet. 

Designed with flared heels, this decently heeled shoe provides the necessary support and stability as you dance salsa or Bachata. 

The admirable beauty, elegance, and functionality are also great features to adore in the DLisiting Latin Dance Shoes. 


  • Additional padded footbed for extra comfort 
  • Suitable for multiple dance style 
  • Adjustable strap lace for twist and turning without issue 
  • Great quality at a reasonable price 


  • People with narrow feet may find the strap too long. Those with wide feet may find it a little short. 

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5. DKZSYIM Women’s Satin Latin Dance Shoes

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DKZSYIM, a popular for professional dancewear manufacturers, is also here with another top-grade salsa dance shoe. The brand is popular for its quality dance shoe delivery. 

The show is designed for comfort and elegance and the flexibility for multiple dance use – from Latin to Europe to America. 

Available in a variety of colors to choose from, your outfit will be determined by your skin tone. 

Because of its ease of use, beginners, teenage girls, or any female going to a party will love this. Professionals will love it too. 

Lots of positive reviews among teens is a clear indication of its quality assurance among beginners. 

Overall, the 25 inches shoes along with great arch support will provide comfort and stability as you dance. 


  • Shoe buckle provides support and comfort 
  • Best suited for wide feet dancers
  • Suede leather sole for improved traction 
  • Available in children feet size 
  • Exceptional quality at a competitive price. 


  • Buckle comes off quickly 
  • Sizing not so regular 

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Buyers Guide

What Every Potential Buyer Should Lookout For When Looking For The Best Dance Salsa


One of the best qualities of a salsa dance shoe is the ability to support the ankle and feet. And the quality of material used in the production process will determine how well the shoe supports these areas of the feet. 

Because salsa dance is all about body moves and leg works, it’s important to choose a shoe with a strong and decent heel size to keep your weight balance while preventing occasion slip or fall. 

Salsa shoes made with a suede or leather sole are the real deal. And that’s because of the special traction and protection these materials give the ankles and knees. 

Keep the quality of the straps and insole padding in mind. You’ll need them when making those twirling and turning! 


Slipping off during salsa dance can distract your dance and disrupt the confidence you have in your dancing skill. 

In addition, it can potentially cause accidents between you and your partner as you dance. Ultimately, it can take a toll on your career in salsa dance. 

You must choose the best salsa dance shoe that fits your feet. Not too tight. Not too loose. 

You know you’ve made the perfect choice when you buy a top-quality shoe with the ideal strap length. 


Getting the right shoe size goes beyond placing an online order and getting it right the first time. It involves some trial and error. Some exchange or even returning to the store. 

Select the same size as your normal shoe size. If you have wide feet, go for a size that’s 1/2 inch more. And if you have narrow feet, reduce the size by 1/2 inch. 

While you may struggle to get your right size at first, the effort will be worth it in the long run. Because, at the end of the day, you’ll save your feet from swelling up due to the wrong shoe size. This brings us to the next factor. 

Keep brand reputation in mind 

When searching online, you want to buy from reputable brands, right? Here’s the thing: searching for the best salsa shoe on Google won’t guarantee that you’ll find the most reputable brand. Most times, only companies that outshine their competitor in SEO show up on Google’s first page. 

That’s why you need to do proper research and dive deeper than just the search engine result. 

Search for brands that have been around for a while and with reputation. Or search for shoes made by brands worn by professional dancers. This is a super-smart way to start your research.  

Height of the heels 

while heels give elegance to your overall look, you don’t want to trade them for your comfort or balance. 

Although a beginner dancer will strive on a 2.5 inches heel height, it’s best for seasoned professionals to achieve a longer leg by going for something a little higher. 

The type of heels you use will largely depend on the material used during its production process. 

So you need to check your shank’s thickness and choose between the flared or skinny heel. 

Makes sure the heels you chose accommodate your weight without stress. Because that’s the type of heel that will offer the necessary stability for a salsa dance. 

The right heel will boost your confidence on the dance floor as it frees you from worrying about slip-ons and other safety issues. 


Whether you’re a newbie or a professional salsa dancer, you deservedly need a pair of shoe that offers comfort. Flexibility, stability, durability, and balance, and features that prevent knee, ankles, and toe injuries, are a few of the qualities of a comfortable shoe. 

The right insole, straps, and padding all contribute to the comfort you’ll get. 

If you’re suffering from conditions like Plantar Fasciitis or you’re on a knee or toe surgery recovery process, be sure to go for a comfortable and protective salsa shoe like the ones we reviewed up there. 


Salsa shoes don’t need that much cushioning. A decent amount of cushion that absorbs enough shock, keeping you away from the effect of fast movement associated with salsa dance is fine. On the other hand, you need a thin cushioning that gives you the “ground” feel on the dance floor.  

Having the right cushioning level will reduce the effect of force on your salsa dance shoe while protecting the underneath of your joints and feet as you display your dancing skill on the dance floor. 

Confirm the brand’s return policy 

It’s important to learn about the return policy of a company beforehand, especially since you’re buying online. 

As said earlier, you’re likely to order an inaccurate size when you buy online. In such cases, the shoe you thought will fit quite perfectly ended up unfit.  

Great brands have a return policy in place for buyers looking to replace their shoes due to the wrong size. 

Bottom line

Salsa is all about sliding, twisting, and turning. The goal is to get a high-quality, properly fitted dance shoe that lets you turn your head on the dance floor. 

Choose a shoe with qualities such as suede or leather soles, proper insoles, cushioning, including the right heel width and health, keeping flexibility and support at bay. 

Our top choice is the Linodes Tent Leather Upper Dance Shoes. It packs a punch with all the necessary features you’re looking for in a salsa dance shoe. It is lightweight, flexible, durable, and great footwear to show off your salsa dance moves while keeping your feet stabilized and protected from injuries. And at a reasonable price, the dancewear is ideal for both professional and beginner use. 

All the product we review comes with unique features that suit what you’re probably looking for.

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