5 Best Tap Shoes For Children In 2023 (Buying Guide & Review)

If you are in a hurry. Our editor’s choices are: Capezio Toddler is best overall for girls is made out of premium grade synthetic material, lightweight, beautiful, and budget-friendly; Joocare Child Lace-up Tap Shoes is best overall for boys is affordable, perfect on boy’s feet, and easy on the pocket. 

Although tap dancing has been around for as long as centuries ago, this type of dancing has always been a favorite among children. Many children love to dance as a hobby.  

However, choosing the best tap shoes for children can be a hassle. Especially with the boatloads of shoe brands in the marketplace. 

In this post, we’ll review the best tap shoe for both boys and girls, regardless of their feet shape (whether it’s narrow or wide) 

In this article, I will be reviewing the following tap shoes:

Tap Shoes For Children

Best Tap Shoes for children 

1. Capezio Toddler – Best Overall for Girls

Capezio is a reputable brand when it comes to children’s tap shoes. The brand is popular for all things kid’s wear. 

This model is 100% synthetic with patent material and PU leather. 

The flexible exterior and padded sole of this shoe are a few of the reasons why kids love them. Both features offer extreme comfort especially for a kid who is new to tap dance or not a fan of heavy shoes. 

Apart from being lightweight, Capezio Toddler is also breathable and aesthetically pleasing which is why it remains one of the best tap shoes for females. 

Available in both wide and narrow size, the wide is ‘not wide’

So if your girl has wide feet, I’ll suggest going a few inches up when choosing her shoe size. 


  • Overall high quality 
  • Rubber sole for injury prevention 
  • Lightweight. Firm heels 


  • Young girls may find the laces a little difficult 

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2. Dance Class Mary Jane

Here’s another lovely female tap shoe from Dance class. This Mary Jane style shoe comes at a more reasonable price than our best overall. Like our best overall, this one is also 100% synthetic and comes in caramel and black patent with a velcro strap and 1-inch heel. 

For extra support, Dance Class Mary Jane features a light cushion for arch support. Available in limited sizing, this shoe may not be suitable for female kids with extra narrow feet or extra wide feet. 

However, if it fits rightly in your child’s feet, she’ll find the pair beautiful and comfortable.  


  • Soft material for easy use 
  • Velcro strap supports kids tap dance 
  • Available at a decent price 


  • Available in limited size 

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3. Joocare Child Lace-up Tap Shoes – Best Overall for Boys

Joocare Child Lace-up Tap Shoes are our best tap shoes for boys and with incredible reasons. Not only is this tap shoe sturdy but also comfortable on the feet. 

Joocare is a popular shoe manufacturer for different dance types including jazz, tap, and ballroom. 

The tap shoe features a cushioned insole for shock absorption and optimal comfort. I love the non slip rubber pad for ease of use, especially among beginners. 

Apart from the 1inch mid-heel, this shoe also features the heel tap and acoustic toe.  

Considering the value your kids get in return, the price is a steal. Anyone looking for affordable tap shoes that are easy on the pocket won’t go wrong with this amazing shoe. 


  • Soft material for beginner’s ease of use 
  • First rightly for boys 
  • Cushioned insole for comfort and support
  • Available at a competitive price 


  • Some kids may find the heels a little bit high 

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4. Theatricals Child Neoprene Insert Tap

This is an oxford style shoe with no laces. Kids will love this because it saves them from the hassle of checking insole laces! 

Kids with high arcs will find support in this classic shoe. The praise goes to the Neoprene fabric enclosed arc. 

You can choose from classic black or tan. 

I suggest buying one size up to the typical street size because the neoprene might take up some spaces. 

Like most tap shoes out there, Theatricals Child Neoprene Insert Tap is quite narrow. 


  •  Easy to put on and take off 
  • Neoprene fabric for support, comfort, and flexibility 


  • Small size. It’s best to buy one size up 

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5. Bloch Dance Girls Tap Shoes

Bloch Dance Girls Tap Shoes takes up our final pair of the best tap shoes for girls. As you probably know, Bloch is popularly known for making Mary Jane-style shoes with unique features.  Thankfully, this is no exception. 

It features a removable bow on strap which is buckle-fastened.  

This is an excellent option for situations when your child wants to use an attractive bow for home practice. 

Unlike other products reviewed, this one is available in brown and brown tan and not in black. 100% synthetic, premium grade material. Cushioned insole shock absorption and optimal support. You won’t go wrong when you purchase this shoe in your kid’s street size.  


  • 100% synthetic and premium grade materials 
  • Available in street size 
  • Adjustable strap with an attractive bow 


  • Available in two colors but not black 

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How To Choose The Best Tap Shoes For Children

With a boatload of tap shoes available in the market, making a decent choice can seem challenging. Here are a few pieces of advice I think you might find helpful. 

Many tap dancers think of themselves as a musician and their instrument of play are the tap shoes. So just as a guitarist will want great quality sound from their guitar, a tap dancer (irrespective of age) wants the best shoe. 

Plates are one of the most critical components of a tap shoe. However, there is a whole lot that needs to be considered before buying a tap shoe for children. 

What are the Various Tap Shoe Styles? 

The tied, traditional, and low-heel tap shoes take the forefront of popularity among children. These tap shoes sell heavily in the market. 

More seasoned professional dancers focus on stage shoes and Oxford shoe styles. Most times, oxford shoes are unisex (suited for male and female) and usually a suitable style for male children and adults. The Capezio Tic Tap Toe tap shoe is a huge example. 

What is the Best Heel Height for Tap Shoes? 

The tap-dancing style may affect the type of shoe you buy for your kids. 

The heel height is one of the huge differences between styles of tap shoes. Use lower heels, weighty shoes for dance styles like the funk tap and the rhythm tap. Because of this, a lot of people prefer oxford shoes. 

I’ll suggest a higher heel for your musical theatre tap. 

Some boards, during tap examination, may mandate that a dancer should use higher/Cuban heels at a specific grade. 

Before buying a tap shoe for your kid, always check with your exam board about your preference. 

Advantages of Low Heels 

  • Low heels help beginners achieve stability and ease of movement. An ideal beginner choice. 
  • Best suited for fast ‘rhythm’ tap work like paddles
  • Feels sturdy on the feet. Reduces the dancer’s center of gravity


  • Performing steps like pick-ups can be difficult 
  • Can be a little heavy on the feet  

Advantages of High Heels

  • Looks more fit on the feet 
  • Performing certain steps liq pick-ups in Cuban heels is easy on high heels 
  • Ideal for musical or broadway theatre tap dance style 


Performing some steps can be a hassle, especially a rhythm of funk/urban tap styles

Generally, shoes with low heels push the weight back, while those with higher heels push the weight forward. 

How Do You Fit Tap Shoes For Children

It’s critical to have a pair of fitted shoes for tap. Wearing small shoes can be so uncomfortable. And these smaller shoes are easy to identify with the toe reaching the shoe end. 

Tap shoes should not have additional space or some leftover space around the toe area. Be sure to go for the correct size having the toe over the toe plates.  Extra size tap shoes mean that the shoe will curl upwards and lift the plate of the toe off the floor. 

This means that your kid is performing the tap dance on the shoe’s sole not on the metal plate. Because of the tapping action, large tap shoes can be overly risky on the feet. 

Split Sole or Whole Sole? 

Split sole requires higher foot strength which makes them not suitable for new tap dancers. They fit quite rightly into the seasoned professional dancer’s feet because of their higher flexibility and better control over the plates. 

Whole soles are weightier than split soles. However, I’ve seen some dancers prefer weightier shoes for styles like rhythm tap.  

Some shoes with both split and whole soles have their soles made with non-slip grip. 

What Are The Several Types Of Tap Shoe Plates?

Plates in tap shoes are some of the most crucial features of a tap shoe; it’s the difference between a tap shoe and a regular shoe. 

Plate quality can largely affect the sound. Some shoes feature plates that are not adjustable. Some shoes have plates that can be adjusted with a screwdriver to the dancer’s or the flooring’s preference. 

Some tap shoes come with a fitted heel plate and toe plate to allow the dancer to create different quality sounds on various parts of the foot. 

Most tap shoes have built-in fitted plates while others need manual attachment. Let’s dive deeper into the different tap shoe plates types.  

Heel and prefixed toe – this is a perfect beginner plate with quality sound. They’re secure and require no fine-tuning. These plates are already fitted on the shoe. 

    Heel places and non attached toe plates 

A typical tap shoe features ready-to-fit toe plates. Only the heel plate requires the manual fitting of the plate. On rare occasions, you need to fit both. Heel plates are purchased either as a normal tape shoe plate or the common horse shoe shape.  

What is the Best Material for Tap Shoes? 

Canvas, leather, and polyurethane are the common materials tap shoes are available in.

The materials in the upper parts make a little difference in the sound quality of the tap shoes. 

However, if your shoe contributes to the dance costume, then it’s important to make a choice. Some materials are easier to spray or decorate to a desired custom or color. Plus, tap shoes are pretty much available in a variety of colors. I’ve seen some shoes with glitter decorations. Pairs from bloch are a great example. 

Prices of Tap Shoes 

You can purchase tap shoes online or in a dance supply shop. 

It’s best to buy online once you have the right info.

Just like wearing another fitted shoe, always wear the same socks or tight types when dancing. While some stores carry disposable stores as a solution, you must test your shoe with your gear. 

The price of tap shoes ranges anywhere from $40 to $100. Avoid buying an expensive model especially if it’s your first pair. Because, with time, your style and preference might change and you may decide to get a new one. 


Tap dances have been around for a while and many kids don’t joke with their pair of tap shoes. Our best tap shoe for children is the Capezio Toddler, made out of premium grade synthetic material. It is lightweight, aesthetically pleasing, and budget-friendly. 

Joocare Child Lace-up Tap Shoes are our best tap shoes for boys and with incredible reasons. It is sturdy, comfortable on the feet, and a perfect beginner’s choice. 

Dance Class Mary Jane is another lovely female tap shoe at a more reasonable price than our best overall. It is also 100% synthetic and comes in caramel and black patent and is available in limited sizing. Overall, all the products reviewed are unique in their ways. 

Be sure to keep all factors required to consider before choosing your pair.  

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