5 Best Ballet Barres for Home Use In 2023 (Buying Guide & Review)

If you are in a hurry. Our editor’s choice is the Vita Vibe Wood Ballet Barre model, available in a variety of colors and sizes, fits perfectly in both residential and commercial settings, and comes out at a competitive price. 

Did you know that ballet barres are not only for professional ballerinas? Ballets have been around serving the dance and exercise needs of adults and kids alike. While ballet is a strong entertainment source, it’s also a great medium of exercise and it comes with health benefits. 

If you’re a beginner ballet dancer or you’ve already stepped your feet on the learning curve, owning the best ballet barres for home use can help speed up your learning process. 

With that said, I’ll be reviewing the following 5 ballet barres you can use at home:

Best Ballet Barres for Home Use

5 Best Ballet Barres for Home Use Reviewed

1. Vita Vibe Wood Ballet Barre – Best Overall

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The Vita Vibe Wood Ballet Barre is available in two excellent sizes – 4 feet and 5 feet portable choices. Both are great feet for home use. 

This model is durably constructed; thanks to its premium quality aluminum material which makes it lightweight for use at home. 

Vita Vibe Wood Ballet Barre has a powder coating that beautifies the ballet barre while offering protection after long-term use. 

It features a hardwood ash crossbar that adds more stability while you practice your ballet dance. Although the hardwood ash crossbar is a little weighty, the stability it offers is worth it. It’s a pretty great tool for dancing and stretching. Plus, professionals will enjoy using this ballet barre. 

 Adjust the horizontal barres’ height, based on your preference. You’ll experience convenience at its peak along with the best of both fixed and traditional ballet barre. 

Assembly is super easy. No need for extra tools. No compulsory need for a helping hand. Thanks to the composite clamps for easy adjustment. 


  • Available in two great sizes for an easy choice 
  • Durable construction with appealing aesthetics 
  • hardwood ash crossbar improves stability 
  • Adjustable height for convenience and fit 
  • The super-easy assembly process is a stress saver


  • May become unbalanced if not properly installed

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2. Lb2designs Ballet Barre – Runner Up 

Our runner up is this ballet barre from Lb2 design with over 

300lb weight capacity. 

That’s a huge plus to this portable freestanding ballet barre. 

Easily cleanable.  Easy to maintain. You’ll enjoy this hygienic barree even if you share it with multiple people. Just be sure you regularly clean it after use. 

Adjust the height to your desired level with no stress. The Lb2 design Ballet Barre offers complete stability for your ballet dance training. You’re rest assured that you’re working with a piece of stable apparatus. It doesn’t slide or move unnecessarily. Doesn’t tip over (except you try to). In addition, the engaged safety lock holds the barre in place. 

This product is constructed with high-quality material which makes them ideal for both home and professional use. 

The material is lightweight is a huge plus and a reason for its portability. Not only does its bronze-coated finish look aesthetically pleasing, but also protects the barre. 

The ends are rubber capped for optimal protection to the user and the floor beneath it. The thick rail comes at a perfect 1.5 inches to allow you to stretch while you practice your moves. 

Overall, the Lb2 design Ballet Barre is durable, sturdy, lightweight, aesthetically appealing, and easy to use and maintain. 


  • Over 300lb weight capacity for maximum use 
  • Easy to clean and maintain 
  • Stress-free adjustable height  
  • Beautiful bronze coated finish 
  • Rubber capped ends for maximum protection 


  • Requires professional touch for installation to prevent falling off during use. 

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3. Oriengear Portable Ballet Barre

Here’s to an excellent ballet barre from ORIENGEAR. ORIENGEAR ballet barre is designed for home use portability. Decently sized, this ballet barre fits easily into any minimal space within the house. 

Here’s the unique part: it is multifunctional. You can use this barree for other dances apart from ballet dance. It is also usable for fitness workouts and stretching. Apart from being a good fit for professionals, it can also be set up anywhere. The tuber steel construction is sturdy and very safe to practice on. 

The powder coating finish of this ballet barre looks adorable on the eye and protective to the user. 

 The seamlessly usable composite clamps, wide base, and non slip rubber feet design make up the stability of this Ballet Barres. The stable barre keeps you balanced during practice while utilizing your practice period to the fullness. 

You can easily adjust the barres’ height, based on your preference. This ballet barre is easy to store when they’re not in use since it comes at a decent 


  •  Fits into a home with a small space 
  • Sturdy super steel construction 
  • Adorable powder coating finish and protective 
  • Decent size for easy storage 


  • Not really sturdy 

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4. FBsport Adjustable Portable Ballet Barre

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And lastly on our list of the best ballet barre is this model from FBsport. FBsport is reputed for producing portable ballet barres. FBsport adjustable portable ballet barre is portable and highly durable thanks to its powder-coated aluminum material. 

You have between two different sizes to choose from with both being portable. It’s up to your personal preference (or requirement). 

Freestanding is easy with this portable double ballet barre from Fb sport. This baree is designed for anti-bacterial function, making it suitable for both in-home and commercial use. And that’s because it keeps you safe from bacteria that may be contracted from the ballet barre. 

The rubber material and the non slip coating prevent potential damage to your floor as you practice your dance on this portable ballet bare. You can easily set up, assemble, and store this product when not in use. 


  • Durable with powdered coated aluminum material 
  • Rubber and nonslip coating for floor prevention  
  • Easy to assemble 
  • Anti-bacterial property for Health safety


  • Best suited for young people 
  • Available only in a single color 

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5. Barre Trainer Traditional Ballet Barre

Although this ballet barre is available in limited colors, feel free to also choose between its three different portable sizes. 

This incredibly strong product fits perfectly in residential settings.  

It is portably designed in a powder-coated finish

 for an aesthetically pleasing and accurately durable finish. 

Ease of assembly: setting up this tool is easy peasy. Doesn’t require any extra tool or an additional helping hand whenever you want to. 

Adjust the horizontal barres’ height, based on your preference.

The seamlessly usable composite clamps, wide base, and non slip rubber feet design make up the stability of this Ballet Barres. The wall mounted barre keeps you balanced during practice while utilizing your practice period to the fullness. 


  • Available in series sizes to choose 
  • Beautiful powder-coated finish for durability 
  • Easy to assemble  
  • Highly stable 


  • Some users thinks it move a bit when in use 

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Best Ballet Barres For Home Use – Buyers Guide 

So you already have a clear cut of what options to consider as far as the best ballet barre for home use is a concern.

 Keep reading as you learn about what to consider before you buy a ballet barre. 

Wall-Mounted Or Freestanding – Which Is The Real Deal?

None between the freestanding and wall-mounted ballet barres is the best. Each has its good sides and downsides. It all comes down to your preference and your requirement. Here’s where their strengths and weaknesses lie. 

What Are The Good Sides Of A Freestanding Ballet Barre?

Extreme flexibility 

Freestanding barres are movable and transportable anywhere. And they can welcome an extra barre since they do not occupy too much space. 

Easy to assemble 

You’re saved from the hassle of installing a ballet barre. Their assembly process is super simple and won’t sweat dust. If you live in an apartment where installing new fixtures is limited, you may want to go for this option. 

 Freestanding barres as usable from multiple sides have an adjustable height and are a huge plus for commercial use. 

What Are The Good Sides of a Wall-Mounted Ballet Barre?  


A properly assembled freestanding ballet barre is stable. But nothing beats a properly installed wall-mounted ballet barre. 

One-off Installation 

You’ll feel confident seeing your piece of equipment properly installed without a potential change of location. No need to waste energy moving them after use especially when you 

 have that post-training exhaustion. 


Many people find the wall-mounted barre more aesthetically appealing. The sight of equipment mounted on the wall inspires elegance while creating a professional look. Plus, the floor will be saved from littered, difficult-to-clean equipment.


Ballet barres are available in two types: portable and fixed. 

We reviewed both types up there. However, the portable type is the best! Full stop! 

When it comes to rails, there are two types; the single rail or the double rail. 

Double rails are pretty important for stretching. They’re surprisingly cool for kids who love to join in workouts. 

Both bars can be adjusted to suit different levels. That way they don’t need another adjustment for the next exercise. 

 In terms of martial, double aluminum rails are beginning to gain traction. These rails are lightweight and support antimicrobial coating for proper unit hygiene. 

Some portable ballet barrels have wooden rails. As you know, wooden rails take you back to that unique traditional feel that is incomparable to metal or PVC. You should expect a heavier unit though. 


It’s important to keep the dimension of your ballet barre at the forefront of your decision list. What’s the suitable length? What is the best height? How thick should the barre be?  

Make sure you choose a model with adjustable height so that getting your height won’t become a hassle. 

Horizontal barre needs to fall in between the waist and hip when using the ballet barre. You can easily make your desired changes depending on the type of exercise you want to practice. 

 As a general rule of thumb, an average barre is 4 feet long along with a 1.5 inches thickness. 

Other Factors to Consider 

So once you’ve decided between the wall-mounted and freestanding, a few other factors are still critical to your buying decision. 

Aluminum or Natural Wood? 

This also depends on personal preference. While aluminum offers a classy, sharp look, it can have an extremely cold texture.  Natural wood is a warm and beautiful addition to the home. When it comes to wood type, poplar is a household name. This strong, budget-friendly wood is an attractive addition to the home. Maple and oak is another wood type with a great aesthetic. While some people choose them over the poplar (because of the look), poplar remains the strongest natural wood for ballet barre. 

Custom Size or Ready-Made? 

Ballet barres are available up to 16 ft in length. Anything higher than that makes production and shipping practically impossible. Be sure that you measure your home size and buy your ballet barre accordingly. If you have extended space or have multiple needs, go for more than a single ballet barre. 

What Does the Installation Process Entail? 

When it comes to installation, wall-mounted barres require some know-how. 

Accurate height 

Your waist level is the ideal yardstick for your ballet barre’s height. A general rule of thumb (from the floor) is:

Single barre: 32 – 46 inches 

Double barre: 32- 34 inches from the lower barre of the floor or 44-46 inches from the upper barre of the floor. 

 If you’re not handy or have installation experience, it’s best to use the help of a professional. An inappropriately mounted ballet barre may damage the floor or cause injury to the user. 

Any thoughts on brackets? 

Which should you choose between adjustable, double adjustable, and fixed? 

Fixed, as the name implies, are permanent. Adjustable is flexible. You can adjust your height or any other feature, especially if you have a change of preference in the future. 

At the end of the day, it all comes down to your preference. 


If you’re a beginner ballet dancer or you’ve already stepped your feet on the dancing style, owning the best ballet barres for home use can help speed up your learning process. 

Our top pick is the Vita Vibe Wood Ballet Barre model.

This ballet barre is available in a variety of colors and sizes, fits perfectly in both residential and commercial settings, and is available at a competitive price. 

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