Can You Start Ballet At 15 – 17? (Quick Facts)

Ballet is a unique and artistic dance that has captivated many people throughout the years. Many people think that ballet can only be taken up at a very young age; this is a widespread misconception regarding the dance. 

Ballet is a versatile art form, which is performed by people of many different age groups. Starting ballet at age 15-17 is possible and will require regular classes and practice to perfect the ballet movements. Ballet dancers spend several years perfecting body movements and learning to keep their composure to achieve the ballet’s intricate movements.  

When looking into starting ballet, it might be unclear whether or not you fit in the age bracket required for learning ballet. Therefore, it is necessary to understand which age is the perfect time to start learning ballet.  


Can You Start Ballet At 15 – 17? 

Starting ballet is not only confined to young children; people within the 15 to 17 age brackets can begin ballet. It might be relatively difficult for you to train your body to perform ballet movements as the older you get, your ankles become stiffer, and you are less likely to adapt to the movements. 

This is a significant reason why ballet teachers prefer to have young children learn ballet, as their ankles are more limber and can adjust to the various kinds of movements they perform during the ballet. However, starting ballet at the age of 15 – 17 would still allow you to perform beautifully, although your dance career might be relatively different from other ballet dancers who started ballet at a younger age.

Dancers who begin ballet during their early childhood can gain enough practice to achieve a professional career in ballet at the age of 16. Possibly, if you start ballet at age 15-17, you might not be able to pursue a professional career in ballet in the traditional sense. However, it is still not impossible to become a professional dancer. If you prefer to start ballet as a recreational activity, beginning at the age of 15-17 will be perfectly fine.  

Is 17 Too Old to Start Ballet? 

Starting ballet at 17 will not be too late because many ballet professionals argue that there is no specific age to learn ballet. Ballet is a delightful art form and can be taken up by people of any age group. This unique dance has been considered to require only interest and dedication to acquire and learn ballet properly. 

Regardless of which age you start ballet, you will still gain all the benefits of performing ballet, such as better balance, coordination, good posture in your everyday life while working, walking, or sitting. Besides all this, ballet is an excellent workout for your body. 

Starting ballet at 17 might keep you back from pursuing a professional career as a ballet dancer because most professional ballet dancers retire when they’re near their 30’s. 

This is because professional ballet requires very limber and healthy ankle movements, and with age, this might not be easy to keep up with. However, many adults choose to learn ballet as a leisure activity, which can keep them fit. Despite the stigma attached to starting ballet later in life, several ballet dancers advocate starting ballet at any age due to ballet dancing’s many health benefits. 

Can You Learn Ballet as A Teenager? 

Starting ballet during your teenage years can be a wonderful experience, and it is actually taken up by many teenagers looking for healthy and engaging activities. If you plan on pursuing ballet as a professional career and are already in your teenage years, it may be relatively tricky and require a sheer amount of effort and talent. 

However, it is not impossible to become a professional ballet dancer if you start learning as a teenager. Several ballet dancers began learning ballet at the age of 14-16 and were able to land themselves a place in a ballet dance company and perform professional ballet. Teenagers who start learning ballet can also make friends during the ballet lessons, and these lessons can be a great way to socially connect with other teenagers that share the same interests as you. 

Hence, regardless of age, learning ballet can be an exceptional opportunity to engage yourself in a healthy and gratifying physical activity.  

At What Age Can You Start Learning Ballet? 

Despite popular belief, you can start learning ballet at any age your heart desires. Most commonly, children begin learning ballet when they are 6-8 years of age. This is so because starting ballet relatively young allows them more time to practice and enables pursuing ballet as a career when they are older.  

However, many ballet schools exist not only for young kids or teenagers but for adults as well. Healthy and able adults are encouraged to take up ballet to strengthen their bodies and provide them with more control over their body movements. Many dancers who began learning ballet relatively later in life claim that it allows them to feel more peaceful in their minds. 

Also, ballet has had a positive effect on their physical well-being. Moreover, ballet can be a great activity that has many benefits. This is why it is an excellent opportunity for all age groups to engage in an exciting activity.  

How Many Years Does It Take to Learn Ballet? 

Despite being enjoyable, learning ballet takes a lot of dedication, attention, and training to perform all the unique ballet movements properly. Usually, around 8 to 10 years of training is required for a dancer to pursue ballet professionally. 

In these years, the ballet dancer is required to take classes at least every week, and the number of courses taken increases over time. This increase in the frequency of classes is because as time goes on, the ballet dancer learns more complex movements, requiring more practice than the dancer’s basic moves to perform them correctly.  

However, as with the learning of any dance, the time required to dance efficiently is relative. Some children have a unique talent, and their body supports the ballet movements to pick up moves faster than their peers. The time for a person to invest in learning to dance ballet properly also depends on their effort to learn it. 

One of the significant aspects that signify a well-trained ballet dancer is their ability to perform pointe. Pointe is a type of ballet dance performed by the dancer standing on their tiptoes in special shoes. Due to its complexity, pointe often requires a lot of time for the dancer to perform it safely and healthily effectively. Some ballet dancers can learn pointe faster than others due to various factors. Therefore, the amount of time it takes to learn ballet is highly relative and depends on the performer. 

Can You Become A Ballerina At 17? 

Becoming a ballerina requires years of hard work and practice, and often people who take up ballet in their early childhood can achieve this stage in the dance performance world at 17 years old. As a ballerina, they must perform pointe, which itself requires a sheer amount of practice and time. 

If you haven’t been learning ballet since you were young, it can be quite challenging to become a professional ballerina at 17. It is possible, however many professionals in the ballet industry think it would require an inhumane amount of hard work. However, starting ballet at 17 and aiming to become a ballerina will never be of any harm, as ballet will provide you several benefits in the long run. 


Starting ballet can be a tricky decision as one might have several questions regarding the dance. However, it is pivotal to remember that ballet is a very open art form, and it welcomes people of all ages who are interested in learning the beautiful dance. A large community of passionate ballet dancers is supportive of those who choose to start learning ballet later in life. Several schools offer courses for not only teenagers but also adults that are looking to become ballet dancers. Therefore, if you are interested in starting ballet, age should not be a factor that holds you back because people of all ages can effectively perform ballet.  

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