5 Best Ballet Flats For Bunions In 2023 (Buying Guide & Review)

If you’re in a hurry and just want to know which ballet flat would be the best for bunions, then I would recommend,No products found., as your best choice. 

Wearing the wrong shoe can be devastating for people suffering from bunions.

The pain, extra pressures and discomfort on the big toe can be overwhelming.

Even shopping for the right ballet flat is stressful.

Luckily, we’ve put together a research-backed list of the best ballet flats for bunions.

These classical ballet flats come with incredible features to keep your feet comfortable throughout the day or throughout the time they’re worn.

The ballet flats below are supportive and comfortable, and most come with wide toe boxes to reduce irritation. 

In this article, we will review the following ballet flats:

Best Ballet Flat For Bunions

5 Best Ballet Flats for Bunions Reviewed

1. Usaflex Ballet Flat – Best Overall 

No products found.

Put your best foot forward with Usaflex Ballet Flat. This fashionable ballet flat is both supportive and stylish.

If you don’t have the time for pinched toes, thin soles, pressurized heels, or any of these bad essentials, Usaflex Ballet Flat will save you stress.

The ballet flat looks like a chameleon shoe: Whether you want a stylish touch for your next ballet training or a failsafe option for the morning throwing on, your everyday life will be simplified with a pair of ballet flats that fit any occasion.

Highly versatile, top great leather, no break-in time – all make up for an incredible ballet flat for bunions.
The cushioned flats suit the leg like a glove and are a smart addition to your ballet dance gear that is suitable for your ballet training or dance competition. Moreover, choose from over 15 colors including black, nude, tan, and white.


  • Beautiful and stylish
  • High quality leather material that lasts long
  • No break in


  • A little pricey

No products found.

2. Christian Louboutin: Runner up (Luxury and super comfort)

Sometimes, treating ourselves to luxury is all that matters. So for a deserving purchase that complements a premium price, you may want to check this high quality pair of flats. 

Christian Louboutin has got everything in a pointed flat: from impressive design to undeniable comfort and a brand name you’ll be proud of.

The soft velvety black suede feels so comfortable to pull on just to stroll around the compound and the beautiful style is all that is needed for excellent aesthetics.

The Christian Louboutin is a brand that blends comfort with luxury in a ballet flat and its half d’Orsay silhouette makes the pointed flat as effortless as possible.

Although many ballet flat brands preach comfort that they don’t offer, we can confidently approve of their quality and versatility. Feel free to pair them with your favorite midi skirts and jeans. You can find them in black and beige.


  • Classic flat shoes for ballet dancer
  • soft velvety black suede feels so comfortable to pull on
  • Great design


  • Expensive 

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3. Hush Puppies Chaste Ballet: Best Value 

Our best value is Hush Puppies Chaste Ballet, and for good reasons. This ballet flat is everything in a super comfortable flat. Apart from comfort, this flat gently wraps around each of the feet, taking away the day’s stress while throwing in a decent foot massage.

What we mean is, if comfort is your main reason for purchasing a ballet flat, you won’t go wrong with the Hush Puppies Chaste Ballet.

Even with the outstanding quality of the Hush Puppies Chaste Ballet, it’s still available at a comfortable price. In addition, there’s a variety of color types to choose from – from classic black flat to a scintillating white flat, which means you can stock up multiple color variations. Available in several colors including white, black, leopard, and nude.


  • Top quality offering at affordable price
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Highly comfortable to wear


  • Need some time to break in.

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4. Tory Burch Minnie Travel Ballerina

The popular saying, “it’s impossible to put a price on happiness” but we don’t think it applies to Tory Burch flats. Well, we may have to put some prices on happiness somewhere around 200 bucks. The price is similar to the Minnie Travel Leather Ballerina shoes.

While this isn’t the cheapest on our list, the quality is purely street cred. This best ballet flat for bunion is a perfect fit for Saturday brunch, weekend shopping trip, and more.

The cushioned insole, which is slip resistant, offer excellent grip and great traction for additional comfort. What’s more? The shoe is foldable, making it super easy to pack.

Tory Burch Minnie Travel Ballerina can fit rightly in your wardrobe or tucked into your tote bag when going for your training section. And lastly, it doesn’t require break in. Available in nudes black, and snake print, you won’t go wrong with this ballet flat.


  • Top notch comfort
  • No break in
  • Cushioned insole for added comfort


  • Limited color choice to make

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5. Skechers Womens Ballet Flat

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If you’re ready to switch from your typical heels to a comfortable flat, this is all you need for the transition.

Skechers Women Ballet Flats are incredibly stylish for your morning dance sessions on days you don’t want to handle high heels. However, they’re so versatile and polished that you may want to ditch your favorite flats for them. It’s more like the adult version of how you feel when you want to wear your beautiful new school shoes even when it’s on a weekend.

The impressive almond toes and comfort, this ballet flat will become your go-to dance shoes. Blend with your favorite office-style outfit and you’re good to go. Meanwhile, it is only available in black.


  • Impressively fashionable
  • No break in time
  • Affordable


  • Black color only

No products found.

Buyers Guide

This section discusses everything you need to know about ballet flats to make an informed buyer’s decision. 

Factors to Consider Before Buying the Ballet Flat for Bunions

First off, a little backstory: a shoe that’s too narrow or too tight can pressurize the toe and worsen bunions.

With that, a key point to keep in mind when choosing a ballet flat is a wide toe box and not the pointed type. And that’s due to a limited motion in the toe joint which reduces pain.

So how do you limit big toe movement? Choose shoes with a closed toe that covers the entire area of the toe. Putting on supportive shoes for bunions is also a great idea. So be sure to choose extra padding or support around the insole. 


Make your choice between leather, canvas, or even mesh. What’s important here is to be sure that the flat is not too tight or too loose and that it fits snugly in your foot. 

Dancers with big toes usually struggle with finding the right shape. Take the length of your flat seriously because it can be really painful if your big toe is pushed against the flat.


More importantly, ballet flats for females should be a continuation of their legs. So skin colored flats will be a great fit if you train bare-legged or white flats if you’re on white socks. 

The Sole

Choose between split sole and full sole. The full sole doesn’t win the argument here. Although some dancers claim that it helps strengthen the foot, there’s more to the argument.

A split sole allows you to see your flat’s shape by “hugging” the instep while the full sole usually creates a space between the shoe and the instep and it’s hard to know if the foot is pointed correctly.

What Makes Ballet Flats Suitable for Bunions? 

Ballet flats are preferably better for Bunions than high heels. And that’s because they don’t force pressure on the toes and their interior is spacious enough for the toe.  

In addition, they’re more lightweight and comfortable than shoes with high heels. Keep in mind that only a few ballet flats come with straps or fasteners.

So you must ensure that they’re worn tightly fitted so they don’t fall off when dancing. A tightly fitted flat may cause pressure between the edge of the shoe and bunions. This can cause pain. 

Can Ballet Flats Lead to Bunions?

Wearing the wrong shoe and improper foot motion can lead to bunions. Dancers with flat feet generally find comfort in a ballet flat. But when there’s no strap or fastener, it could cause pain and discomfort.

Because ballet flats don’t have support, it can result in the build up of corn and calluses. The condition of the bunions can also be worsened when both bunions at the shoe edge rub against each other.

In addition, ballets don’t cause bunions because there’s a lot of internal space in the toe for pressure distribution. 

What Type of Ballet Flat is the Best for Bunions?  

People with bunions should go for ballet flats with wide toe boxes.

In addition, shoes with soft fabrics and leather can provide relief from bunions. Be careful with high heel flats.

We recommend trying the flats you want to wear before buying.

Make sure they’re comfortable and spacious to accommodate your bunion. 

Do You Need Converse for Bunions? 

Converse can improve your bunions because they have a soft internal and external structure.

They come with soft padding and they’re comfortable on the feet.

Not only are they flexible but also have a wide space.

In addition, converse also has shock absorption and cushion.  

What Kind of Flat Should I Choose for Bunions? 

Highly comfortable shoes are important when you have bunions. Go for flat shoes with wide toe box space for bunions. Avoid tight shoes and high heels. The flat must come with soft internal padding for protection to your bunion. 

Can Wearing Ballet Flats Correct Your Bunion? 

A comfortable, top grade shoe cannot correct bunions.  It can only improve the condition. A wide toe, comfortable shoe will help maintain and improve your bunions while preventing pain and irritation. 

Do Tight Shoes Worsen Bunions? 

Yes, bunions become worse on tight shoes. And that’s because they exert pressure on the bunion which eventually results in pain and irritation. It can even cause calluses, corn, and skin redness.

How Can I Widen My Shoes for Bunions?

A wider shoe can improve your bunion condition.

Here’s how to widen your bunion: 

Apply Heat

It’s possible to expand shoes made from suede or leather through heat application. Always wear a pair of thick socks before putting on a shoe. Then get a hairdryer and point the heat in the direction of the tight areas of the shoe.

Stretch the foot; just wiggle and flex your toes and feet while keeping the hot air directed to your shoe. Do this for a few minutes, switch off the hairdryer and wear the shoe for some time. 

Spray Rubbing Alcohol

Get 50% rubbing alcohol and 50% water. Then mix together. Rub or spray the mixture on your shoe. Wear the shoe immediately after spraying.

A professional shoe stretching tool can help Most shoe stretchers include a spray.

First off, have your shoe sprayed before you insert the shoe stretcher. The spray loosens the fiber and allows you to stretch easily and effectively. Once you’ve inserted the stretcher, expand the shoe by twisting the handle. 

This allows the shoe stretcher to stay inside the shoe for up to 24 hours before removing it.
Have your shoe stuffed with wet newspaper or large potatoes.

Insert a large potato or a wet newspaper into your shoe. Wait for two days before removing and wearing them.

Place a Bag of Water Inside the Shoe 

Get a large size of water and insert it into the shoe. Place the combination inside a freezer. Take off the shoe as soon as the water freezes. The shoe is expanded by the freezing water.

Final Verdict 

The kind of ballet flat you buy will determine how well your bunions are handled. The goal for anyone suffering from bunions when looking for the best ballet flats for bunions is comfort.

Our top pick is Usaflex Ballet Flat. If you don’t have the time for pinched toes, thin soles, pressurized heels, to name a few of these bad essentials, the Usaflex Ballet Flat will save you the stress. The ballet flat is Beautiful, stylish, made with high quality leather material that lasts long, and requires no break in.

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