5 Best Balance Beam For Home Use In 2023 (Buying Guide & Review)

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best balance beam for home use is, then we recommend the Springee 6ft Adjustable Balance Beam as the best one.

If you’re learning how to use a balance beam or you’re just starting with gymnastics, you’ll understand that strength and flexibility are very important. The most effective way to practice your gymnastics is to use a balance beam.

Unfortunately, the market is full of brands promising top-quality balance beams which, in the real sense, are not true. 

Fortunately, after 72 hours of extensive research and physical testing of several products, we’ve put together the 5 Best Balance Beams for Home Use in 2021. 

Don’t have the time to read through the entire review? 

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Balance Beam For Home Use

5 Best Balance Beams For Home Use Reviewed

1. Springee 6ft Adjustable Balance Beam

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Springee is a household name in the gymnastic equipment market. And they’ve earned quite a great reputation for premium quality products. 

 The balance beam features 24 inches ground height which is adjustable to 20 or 22 inches. 

 This beam balance features a floor mode that needs a grounded beam to take off to the off-ground. 

Made out of a padded panel of wood, this top-grade, 6-foot balance beam is covered in suede material for optimal durability and aesthetics. 

In addition to its durable construction, this beam has a non-slip foot along with a great locking adjustment that ensures your safety throughout the practice session. 

This product works as an all-purpose beam. Ease of use for beginners trying to up their skill. Or, even a group of people with different levels of expertise and experience. 


  • Strong wooden steel material for durability and fit 
  • Comfortable to grip and use for hours 
  • Adjustable height for progressive training 


  • It’s best to get a mat to use along with a high balance beam 

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2. Funcheer Balance Beam

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The Funcheer Balance Beam is a perfect safety beam for home use. While this model is designed for ground use, it’s also an incredible tool for upper-ground training. Walkovers, cartwheels, and handstands are a few of the skills you can practice on this beam. 

Millard created a longer floor version of the beam with the 9.5ft length of this model. Its 6 inches bottom keeps the beam stable on the floor while its 2.2 inches height supports decent floor beams. 

This beam is foldable by half for easy storage and includes a carry handle for smooth carry without stress. 

The beam features “lie-flat” hinges that support your tiles, hardwood, carpet, or laminate without potential or future damage to the floor. Plus, it can also be used by children or beginner gymnasts. 


  • Supports higher weight 
  • Reasonably priced 
  • Foldable in half for easy storage 
  • Features Carry handle for smooth transport 


  • Some users complain of the damage caused by the size during delivery 

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3. Juperbsky 4ft Balance Beam

Available in 4ft and 10ft, Juperbsky 4ft Balance Beam is an ideal beginner’s choice. Here’s the good part: your toddler or kid interested in gymnastics training can practice their favorite leap, jump, or handstands on this beam. 

The 10ft model can be folded and transported around and also storable in the house. Juperbsky uses a firm, high-density foam that won’t sink in your feet during practice. Keep in mind that although you can practice your expert tricks on this balance beam, kids (or even beginners) should only be restricted to the 4 ft version. 

Here’s another great feature you’ll love: this beam is waterproof and usable outdoors. Kids love outdoor gymnastic practice, so they will enjoy this balance beam from Juperbsky. 

The non slip fabric material can be a little sticky, especially when you’re performing expert skills. Simply wear ballet slippers to counter this effect. 


  • Non Slip fabric for a smooth practice 
  • Ideal Soft material for kids and beginners alike 
  • Easy to clean


  • Not a suitable beam for professional users 

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4. Juperbsky 8ft Off-Ground Balance Beam for Home Use

Anyone looking for a competition-standard beam will love this off-ground balance beam. Juperbsky 8ft Off-Ground Balance Beam is safe to use without injury risk. 

This model from Juperbsky is excellent, expert quality, and competitively prized. The 8ft length and 4 inches sizing support variety of tricks. Made out of natural, high-quality wood, this nonslip feet beam can hold a considerably high weight without stress. 

Unlike the products reviewed up there, this intermediate-level balance beam cannot be folded for easy storage. The beam is highly sturdy and stays glued to the feet. 

At 8ft, it’s not difficult to store this beam in a shed, garage, or attic. 

I highly recommend this as one of the best balance beams for home use. Apart from being sturdy, beginners, intermediates, and even pros can showcase their expertise. 


  • Durable build, safe and secure 
  • Available in a variety of colors 
  • Ease of set up 


  • Not foldable or easy to store 

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5. MARFULA Balance Beam

MARFULA created this foldable, transportable balance beam for beginners looking to hone their gymnastic skills before switching to the off-ground version. This balance beam is available in pink, brown, and purple to add a chic appearance to your sport home environment. The beam is made out of high-density EVA foam alongside sturdy suede fabric. 

This beginner balance beam has a better edge over the cheaper models as the material does not sink into the feet. 

Its nonslip bottom supports usage on different types of floors without shifting. 

A lot of beginners who are always on the go will love this averagely rated balance beam as it is foldable and it comes with a handle for easy transport. 


  • Excellent padding 
  • Non Slip sole support multiple floor surfaces
  • Anesthetic addition to the home gym 
  • Great for beginners 


  • Not the best fit for a pro gymnast 

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Buyer’s Guide

Good to know that you now have prior knowledge of what to buy. But that’s not all. There are still some factors that you need to keep in mind before buying a balance beam. This section discusses all you need to know to make a guided and informed purchase decision. 

 Skill Level

To perform a gymnastic exercise, you need to develop consistent training ethics which will further develop your skill. You’re not going to achieve these overnight. The same principle applies to using the beam balance. This gymnastic equipment is designed for different skill sets. Beginners have their dedicated beam balance. So does intermediate, advanced, and seasoned pro. 

You must know your skill level before choosing the ideal balance beam for you. 


It’s also critical that you know who you’re buying for. Is it for kids or adults? Children’s beam balance is usually designed to be wider, shorter, and have a lower base for safety. 

Adult’s beam balance is available in different sizes depending on individual fit. 


People who move a lot should prioritize portability and lightweight during their search.  It is easier to move a lightweight and portable beam balance around or transport them easily during house moving.

The lightweight feature of a beam balance is dependent on its material. Lightweight beam balance is durable, excellent, and long-lasting. 


The beam length you choose will depend on your preference and requirements.  Some people love the longer beam balance while others prefer to go for the shorter ones. Preference differs! Experts can adapt to any type regardless of its size. But it’s always best to choose what suits what you’re looking for.  


The material used in the balance beam production process will determine its durability level. Balance beams are available in a variety of materials: from foam to solid wood interior. But, I’ll prefer those with a solid interior as they tend to last longer. 

Types of Balance Beam

Before you buy your balance beam, you need to consider a few factors like color, width, and length. But, some of the most important factors that you don’t want to ignore is whether it’s an on-ground beam balance or an off-ground beam balance beam. 

Because each type of beam comes with its unique benefit for gymnasts of all skill levels. 

On-Ground Balance Beams

The most unique feature of the on-ground balance beam is the material. This balance beam is usually made out of firm foam which is perfect for beginners and footwork practice. 

The ground balance beams often come at a 4 inches surface width and a 2 inches foam width competition-standard size.  

They are the best balance beam for beginners because of their ease of use. It’s easier for beginners to start with this type before working their way up to the wooden type. 

Off-Ground Balance Beams

As the name implies, the off-ground balance beam goes high a little above the ground, providing that injurious-free “height feeling.”

They are usually called “intermediate level’ because users can easily practice styles like walkovers, cartwheels, and tumbling style skills. 

Off-ground balance beams are made out of wood usually around 4 inches wide and 4 inches high. 

Advanced Height Balance Beams

Advanced Height Balance Beams are off-ground beams that share similarities with the intermediate level but with sturdy steel legs that are adjustable up to 24 inches. It can be risky for families to put this balance beam in homes without an instructor. However, this is the type of balance beam you need if you’re planning to go for competition (as an expert) 

Made from wooden and padding material, these beams are usually covered in suede for ease of use. We featured a few Advanced Height Balance Beams that you can extend up to 24 inches for your strength training or reduce for a typical gymnastic training. 

Safety Tips On How To Use The Best Balance Beams For Home

Balance beam exercise can cause accidents on some occasions. You need to maximize your safety and your kid’s safety to avoid injury occurrence. The following safety tips could mean a lot to you and your family: 

Use a mat 

Using gymnastic mats reduces the risk of falling or the impact of falling especially when using high beam balance.  

Falling on hard surfaces may result in ankles or knee injury. 

And, you can go for inflatable mats because they are easier to store. Be sure not to perform balance beam training without using a mat. 

Use The Help Of An Instructor  Before Trying A New Step

Home practices are always suitable for skills you’ve already mastered. Although you can learn the basics of gymnastics from your home comfort, trying a new move without an instructor’s supervision is a big risk you don’t want to take. 

Contact your instructor before you try a new move so you can be sure that you’re fully prepared. Of course, you have to use the right equipment for this new move. 

Avoid Using Your Head For Support

Most gymnastic moves will require turning upside down. Avoid using your head for support, instead, have your weight leaned on your hands. 

Using your head for support may be dangerous to the neck, which is an important body part. 

Here’s a simple tip, if you feel too much pressure on your neck, you’re not doing something right. The best thing is to just try the move again.  

Stretch before starting 

Most people don’t take stretching seriously especially children because they already have active bodies that are fit. 

The truth is, certain moves may tighten the body muscles. 

Tight muscles may result in strain, which is painful. 

Stretching the body before training can balance the blood flow and prevent muscle cramping. 

Avoid Training Without Protecting Equipment

You can use protective equipment like guards, grips, or chalk powder during training. Handgrip-based exercise can be hurtful to the skin. Taking the necessary precaution can help in friction reduction. 

Tape and gauze can also be helpful. Children need these more because of the nature of their hands which is not yet used to the training. 

Bottom line 

Conclusively, these are our list of the best balance beams for home use. Our top pick is the Springee 6ft Adjustable Balance Beam.

Made with Strong wooden steel material for durability and fit, this balance beam is Comfortable to grip and use for hours with an Adjustable height for progressive training. 

Overall, whether you’re a beginner, an intermediate, or an expert gymnast, you’ll surely find a suitable balance beam on our list. 

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