5 Best Gymnastics Leotards for Children In 2023 (Buying Guide & Review)

In a hurry? Our best overall is Belovance biketards, made with premium quality spandex and polyester, this bikeyard is breathable, beautifully designed, and competitively priced; Tuonroad Gymnastics Biketard is our runner-up with great design, stretchable,  available in Amazing patterns and color choices that don’t fade. 

If there’s anything gymnastics requires, it’s strength and focus. And to achieve that, dressing appropriately is a great start. 

Gymnastic Leotards are one of the best investments you can make for your children when they are just getting started in their gymnastic journey. 

We’ve put together 5 of the Best Gymnastics Leotards for children. Furthermore, we created another section where we discuss every other thing you need to know before buying a gymnastic leotard for your children. That way you can make the right and informed decision. 

In this article, I will be reviewing the following gymnastics leotards:

Gymnastics Leotards for Children

5 Best Gymnastics Leotards for Children Reviewed

1.  Belovance biketards – Best Overall

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Belovance created this biketard, made with 82% polyester and 18% spandex for a soft, light, and flexible feel for your child. 

The biketard comes in a breathable material that maintains your kid’s body temperature as they practice their favorite gymnastic skills. 

Available in 8 different designs, you won’t go wrong choosing a great design for your little one. Plus, you have plenty of color choices to make. 

Belovance biketards come in beautiful designs. For example, there’s a design that combines the high waist short and top. 

Belovance biketards fit perfectly on the body and are available in a variety of sizes for your children regardless of the year difference.  


  • Perfect body fit
  • Unique styles and patterns for smooth choice 
  • Competitive Price 


  •     Absence of tumble dry

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2. Tuonroad Gymnastics Biketard – Runner-up

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Tuonroad Gymnastics Biketard is a beautifully designed biketard with breathable and stretchable fabric at a competitive price. In addition to being a breathable fabric, it’s also non-see-through. 

Here’s the part that burst the bubble: Tuonroad is available in over 40 different patterns and colors. So you’re left in a pool of amazing styles to choose from. Will your child prefer the shark look for gymnastics? Or they’d love the unicorn or pizza look? Let them make a choice. 

You’ll look fit on this. While the biketard is a little on the bigger side, your child will grow into this wonderful piece of artwork. 

If your child falls within the 2-10 years of age range, you won’t go wrong with this fitted wear. Tuonroad provides a measuring chart that ensures you’re picking the right size for your little one.


  • Competitive Price 
  • Amazing pattern and color choices to make 
  • Color doesn’t fade or shrink after hand-washed 


  • A little bigger size than normal 

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3. TFJH E Sparkle Gymnastics Leotard

TFJH E Sparkle Gymnastics Leotard is our first gymnastic leotard for children. Available in 3 unique designs and styles, you won’t have a problem choosing between the criss-cross back tank style, strappy back tank style, and the long sleeve. 

It comes in a sparkly, flexible, durable metal that doesn’t fade when hand washed (make sure they’re dried outside)

In addition, your child will experience optimal comfort in this non-see-through material even at an affordable price. 

If your kid isn’t grown in size, I’ll suggest that you double down on size when purchasing. Apart from size, this gymnastic leotard fits amazingly well on just about any kid.   


  • Fits perfectly 
  • Amazing styles and design for classic choices 
  • Breathable, non-see-through material improves comfort 


  •  Should be dried outside to prevent fade 

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4. BAOHULU Embroidery Biketard

If you’re looking for a winter-fit gymnastic leotard or just wanted a little more “cover-up” for your child, BAOHULU Embroidery Biketard is a product you don’t want to ignore. Available in long sleeves (or short, depending on preference),

BAOHULU will keep your child covered and fit. 

You’ll find this gymnastic biketard in 4 amazing colors in either short sleeve or long sleeve. 

With the Slightly shining materials, diamond embroidery, and. a classic chic look, your 3-11 years kids will fall in love with this biketard. In addition, BAOHULU also created a leotard version of this model. 


  • Strong color that won’t fade quickly 
  • True to size 
  • Winter-fit design 


  • Washing with washing machine may lead to potential damage

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5. Wah Na Girls Leotard

Available in 5 decent colors, Wah Na Girls Leotard is a decently rated gymnastic leotard worth checking out. It has a tank-style front available in two styles: U shape or one shoulder. 

Children between 2- 10 years will look perfectly fit on this amazing gymnastic leotard.  

Apart from being fit, another amazing feature of this leotard is it’s true to size and delivery of a snug, comfortable feel.

If you’re looking for a gymnastic leotard your kids can grow into, Wah Na Girls Leotard would be a great fit. 


  • Available in aesthetically pleasing materials 
  • Amazing Neckline and beautiful color choices to make
  • True to size 


  •     Snug fit

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Buyers Guide 

In this section, we’ll discuss all you need to know in order to make an informed buying decision. 

Key Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Gymnastic Leotard For Children

Getting the right gymnastic leotard can be challenging especially if it’s your first time shopping for this product. 

Keeping the following factors in mind will help facilitate an informed buying decision.  

Length of Sleeve 

A gymnastic leotard is not the same as a dance leotard. Keep that in mind. You can identify a gymnastic leotard with either long sleeves or thick tank top style straps. A leotard with short sleeves or a leotard with spaghetti straps isn’t a gymnastic leotard.

Some gymnasts would rather go for the long-sleeved style because of the “long look” it gives their arms. Plus, they love the nicer lines it gives them. 

Others prefer the sleeveless model because it is breathable and improves airflow. At the end of the day, it also comes down to your kid’s personal preference (except their competition or gym center has a specific requirement) 


Since you’ll always need to wash your gymnastic leotard after use, it’s best to choose a fabric material that withstands frequent wash without fading. 

The more a leotard is stretched, the better it becomes. Metallic fabrics tend to be shiny and brighter, which could potentially attract judges in competition, but they’re not as stretchy as other materials. But they can be itchy. Or, sometimes, even scratchy.  

Lycra is also stretchy and attractive, though they don’t really support heavy decorations. 

Nylon, polyester, and spandex all strike a balance between lycra and metallic when it comes to comfort (although they’re not heavily decorated).  

I love velour and velvet for their highly forgiving features as they can withstand extreme embellishment. On the flip side, they contain heavy fabric and your child may feel sweaty after wearing them for a long time.  


Obviously, gymnastic Leotards should be sleek and fitted. Plus comfortably tight. A small leotard will disrupt your child’s free movement and flow. In fact, the leotard could tear. A bigger leotard will bunch around your child’s waist or hips which not only will they find uncomfortable but also downplay their scores during competitions. 

A loose gymnastic leotard could be potentially risky.  

If you’re buying a leotard for your kid for training purposes, I’ll suggest going for a slightly bigger size that they can easily grow into. If they’re going for a competition, you want to get them a perfect fit leotard. 


Price, of course, is one of the critical factors to consider when looking for the best gymnastic leotard for children. 

There’s no denying that we all love to get the best product at a pretty competitive price. Be sure to compare prices among sellers and settle for the best deals. 

As seen in the review section, we featured different top brands creating unique styles that ultimately affect the price. Be prepared to spend between $10-$40 on a decent quality gymnastic Leonard. 


Another factor to keep at the forefront of your priority list is the brand to buy from. Brands have their unique specialty area. So you need to understand what a  brand is known for and see if they meet your requirements. 

So what gymnastic leotard brand is the best in the market? 

Bellavance takes the lead as a top-grade producer of leotards after gaining the attention of Olympians and other professionals. 

Their manufacturing process and material are incomparable. The best part is that this quality comes at a pretty decent price. 


 A gymnastic leotard’s functionality is a factor you don’t want to ignore before hitting the purchase button. However, functionality is a factor of spec. A more sophisticated spec is an indicator of better functionality. 

Reviews from Past Buyers 

Customers tend to leave feedback on how they feel about a product they purchase. You can find the reviews on the same page of the product listing. These reviews can help you have a clue about how real-time users feel about a product and their overall experience. That way you can determine if a product is right for you or if not. 

Regardless of the type of leotard you’re looking for, make sure you do thorough research and spend more time shopping for different brands. 

Gymnastic leotards usually come in a material combination of spandex, polyester, and Nylon. The velvet is the most common gymnastic leotard style.  

The leotard must be form-fitting and snug to the extent of riding up. 

Dance leotard or Gymnastic leotard? The difference

Both are tight-fitting, have stretchy material, and are worn to perform a dance or athletic activity.  

But, there’s a material difference between both leotards. Leotards are a little more color than the dance leotard.

They also provide better support through the wider strap. 

Types of Gymnastics Leotards

 A leotard is designed to cover the torso with straps, but with no fabrics around the leg. These pieces of a garment are unisex and come in variations of sleeve length, neckline, and even leg cut. 


Biketard is another type of leotard. 

 They share similar features with the leotard. Just like the leotard, biketard keep the torso covered and are available in different straps and neckline variations while partially covering the thighs. 

They are a popular choice among young gymnasts because they offer comfort and don’t really ride up. In addition, many parents prefer biketard because of how it covers their children’s skin. 

What should your kids wear to their first gymnastic class?

For your children attending their first gymnastic training class,  be sure that they have their hair tied back and jewelry should not be worn as it may cause injury. 

When it comes to clothing, your female kid can go for leopards that have compression shorts, or footless tights on the top. 

Footed tights are usually slippery so don’t allow them to wear one.  

The boys can have a compression T-shirt tucked in athletic shorts for easy movement. I hope this helps. 


Thanks for reading this guide to the end. 

We hope you’ve found a gymnastic Leonard that your kids will love. 

As a recap, our top choice is the Belovance biketards, made with premium quality spandex and polyester. It is breathable, beautifully designed, and competitively priced.

Check out our runner-up – Tuonroad Gymnastics Biketard. It comes with great design, is highly stretchable, available in incredible patterns and color choices that don’t fade. 

All the products we featured are top-notch and serve their individual unique purposes. 

However, keep in mind that there are 1000s of styles around so enjoy your shopping experience. 

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