5 Best Mirrors for Your Home Dance Studio In 2023 (Buying Guide & Review)

If you’re in a hurry and just want to know which mirror would be the best for your home dance studio, then I would recommend,Hans Wall Mounted Activity Mirror Panels, as your best choice. 

Having a dedicated space in your home to learn new dance moves or practice a routine can help you build confidence and improve your spatial awareness.

When you place mirrors in your home dance studio, you’ll be able to make corrections to your movements and get visual feedback on your placement. For some people, mirrors can help you enhance what they’ve learned in dance class. Below lists some mirrors that I would suggest.

In this post, I will review the following mirrors:

Best Mirrors for Your Home Dance Studio

Top 5 Home Dance Studio Mirrors

Before buying mirrors for your home dance studio, consider how much space you have. Can the mirrors go in the same room you’ve placed dance flooring? Or will you need to make adjustments? Other things to decide are whether you want to hang them on the wall or have them freestanding, and whether this will be a permanent or temporary addition to your home studio space.

1. Best Extra Feature: Dance Mirror on Wheels

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This is the most expensive option mentioned in this post, but I thought it was worth including. At 71 inches wide and  74 inches high, it offers ample coverage for you to see your entire body.

Not everyone has dedicated dance space. This mirror is on wheels. It might help to be able to roll out your mirror when practicing, and then conceal it when it’s not in use. 

If you want to add mirrors to your studio, but would prefer not to mount them on a wall, then this dance mirror might be a convenient solution for you. 

A strong support base, this mirror is held up by an aluminum alloy tripod. Its sturdiness prevents the mirror from shaking as you dance. There’s also a support beam towards the bottom of the frame in the back.

If the mirror were to fall, you don’t have to worry about glass shattering in a thousand pieces. There’s a shatterproof coating behind the glass. 

One caveat is that you would need to have hardwood flooring, thin carpet, or some other flat floor surface in order for the mirror to roll properly. One other concern might be transporting the mirror into your space. The process will likely require at least one other person to help you.


  • Great for transient dance practice
  • Large coverage
  • Sturdy tripod legs
  • Thick aluminum alloy frame
  • Shatterproof


  • You may need assistance setting it up
  • Probably won’t roll well on thick carpet

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2. Best Value: Hans Wall Mounted Activity Mirror Panels

This option might offer the most value because if needed, you can start out with one panel, and then add more over time. Or you can purchase a few at once for a discounted rate.

These panels are likely what first come to mind when you think of a wall of mirrors in a dance studio. 

Each panel measures 48 inches wide by 32 inches high. One panel can be sufficient in a small space. Mounting three panels allows you to see yourself as you practice a full stage routine. You can also better see yourself if there are a lot of turns or leaps in your routine.

Installing these panels is definitely a two-person job. You have to consider safely transporting them into your home, marking out accurate measurements, holding them in place, etc. 

If you live in an apartment, you’d likely need permission from your landlord before mounting panels like these. There will be many holes to drill, and you’ll possibly rely on some sort of permanent glue to help keep these mirrors in place.

What’s Included:

  • Mirror panel(s)
  • J- Bar (one per panel)
  • Mirror glue
  • Screws
  • Caps
  • Installation guide

Whether you choose one or multiple panels, you’ll also receive all the supplies needed to install the mirrors, which add value because you won’t have to make any additional purchases. 

Edges are polished so that you can handle the mirrors without injury. But polished edges also give off a more polished look to your home studio space.

Similar to the last mirror, this one is coated with a substance that will prevent it from shattering into tiny pieces if there were to be an accident.


  • Option to expand over time
  • All mounting tools included
  • Polished edges
  • Full length
  • Shatter prevention coating


  • Mounting requires assistance
  • Mounting is permanent

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3. Easiest to Relocate: NeuType Full Body Mirror with Stand

This full body mirror is easier for one person to maneuver and relocate, if necessary. You can opt to use its stand or mount it on the wall. Using the stand is more ideal for those who are renting their home, unless you have approval to mount objects to the wall. It weighs 20 pounds.

At 65 inches tall and 22 inches wide, you’ll definitely see the full length of your body. But depending on the type of dance you do, this mirror may or may not be wide enough for you.

Made using shatterproof glass, the frame was given an anti-rust treatment and has a strong support hinge. The U-shaped stand can be extended out in different positions. Upon arrival, you’ll notice that the stand has already been attached to the mirror. 

If you prefer not to use the stand or mount the mirror, you can simply remove the stand, and then lean the mirror against the wall. While there are notches in the rear frame for hanging, no additional hanging supplies come with this mirror.


  • Transports more easily
  • Stand, hang, or lean the mirror
  • Ample height
  • Shatter preventive
  • Great solution for renters


  • Stand creates a slight angle
  • Mounting supplies not included

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4. Most Multifunctional: Murrey Home Gym Mirrors

These mirror tiles offer more flexibility because you can build them out in whichever direction you please, and then add more tiles over time, if needed.

You’ll receive a set of twelve square glass tiles that are 12 by 12 inches each. One box is a little over 17 pounds.

Another point that speaks to its multifunctional use, these mirrors can also offer a decorative element to your room. Depending on the number you order, you can hang them in the shape of a diamond with fewer and fewer tiles on either side. Or you can hang them like a parallelogram.

But even in straight vertical and horizontal rows, the tiling nature of this glass and its smooth bevel edges, they can add a decorative touch to a room that’s not solely used as a dance studio.

Unlike all of the past options, one person can hang these tiles – so long as you take the time to properly measure the placement of each tile. A leveler can also help.

Speaking of hanging, these square panels require double-sided tape to hang them on the wall. This is not a supply you’ll want to skimp on. Be sure to get reliable, well adhering double-sided tape. You don’t want glass tiles popping off the wall.

If you’re a renter, you may be able to apply these to the wall without causing damage. Pay close attention to the instructions and tips printed on the doubled-sided tape that you purchase. The company should indicate whether the tape is removable, if it might stain the walls, and so on. If you have questions, confirm with your landlord that the tape’s okay to use.

Since these squares can also be used as decorative table accessories, there are small pads on the corner of each tile for them to safely sit on tables. You can peel them off, clean the corner, and then replace the cushions with the double-sided tape.

Depending on your setup and wall space, you might need at least two boxes of these tiles. I would suggest measuring out the space where you’d like to place the tiles, and then decide how many squares you need.


  • Less damage to the walls
  • Add as few or as many as you’d like
  • Easier to maneuver alone
  • Versatile


  • You’ll need additional supplies to hang
  • You might need more than one box of tiles

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5. Budget Option: EVENLIVE Full Length Mirror Tiles (Set of 4)

There are a number of possible reasons to start out with fewer glass tiles at a lower price point.

You may not know exactly where you want to set up your home dance studio. You may not have the wall space for the other options. You might not know how committed you or someone else in your family is to consistent dance practice at home. You may not have another person in your life who can help you set up the larger mirror options. Or, you may not be able to fit the other options into your budget.

In any case, vertically mounting these four 12-inch mirror tiles on your wall can offer just the right amount of reflection for your dance practice. When stacked vertically, they’ll be 48 inches high and 12 inches wide.

You can choose to begin mounting them inches above the baseboard in order to give yourself more height. Even at seven inches above the baseboard, a person with average height will likely be able to see their full body.

Because they have a sleek appearance, these glass tiles can also add a decorative element to your room. That makes them ideal for multi-use spaces.

Strong double-sided tape is included with this purchase, which is another plus for your budget. Although the tape is strong, it’s unlikely to damage your walls, which is especially great for renters.

This dance studio mirror option requires the least commitment in comparison to the other mirror suggestions. But if you have the wall space, you can always order more tiles when your budget allows.


  • Great for starting out
  • Easy, one-person installation
  • Includes double-sided tape
  • Ideal option for renters
  • Also decorative


  • Narrow viewing space
  • Eventually you’ll likely need more tiles

In addition to all of the mirrors being shatter resistant, you’ll also find that they give you an accurate reflection. You won’t see a distorted image in any of these mirrors.

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How to Select Mirrors for Your Home Dance Studio

In most cases, deciding to add mirrors to your home dance studio isn’t the most simple decision to make. There’s a lot to consider. If you don’t already have a dedicated dance studio, you’ll have to consider where you want the mirrors to go. Then you have to think about permanence. Can you leave mirrors mounted on the wall for the long term, or do you need a more temporary solution? 

Then there’s the question of transporting the mirrors. How exactly will you get oversized mirrors into your space? Would mirror tiles then be the better solution? 

Where Will You Hang the Mirrors?

This is the most important question to ask yourself before making a purchase. You’ll not only want to know in which room or wall, but what are the exact dimensions?

In the sewing world, the saying is, “Measure twice, cut once.” You want to be certain that you have sufficient space so that you don’t have to troubleshoot errors later. 

Take out your measuring stick or measuring tape along with a pencil and get real clear about the length and width you need or want your mirrors to be.

Here’s a DIY example of mounting a mirror in a home garage workout studio:

Do You Want Permanently Mounted Mirrors?

If you are going to mount mirrors on the wall, your next step is to consider how long you can mount your mirrors. If you own the property, this may not be a dilemma unless you plan to move soon.

If you’re renting, consider the length of your lease. Also refer to your lease to locate any clauses that might exist about hanging anything on the walls. Do what you can to prevent damage, or choose one of the standing mirror options.

Will You Need Help Installing the Mirrors?

Some of these mirrors are heavy and awkwardly sized, so they will require at least one other person to transport and hang.

If you don’t have a friend or relative who can help, are you willing or able to pay an installation fee? If not, then consider the mirror tiles or the narrower standing mirror option. 

Are Additional Tools Needed?

The least expensive tiling mirror option comes with glass adhesive. The Hans mirror panels also come with all the tools you need to hang your mirrors.

The full body mirror stand is partially equipped to hang, but you’ll need to buy screws if you prefer not to use the stand. And the set of twelve panels by Murray also requires you to purchase your own double-sided tape.

When purchasing home dance studio mirrors from any vendor, just make sure you understand how you will mount them and whether you have all the tools you need to carry out the task.

Safety First

Whichever route you choose, be safe! The installation process requires patience. When frustration mounts, we make careless mistakes that can lead to injury.

If you aren’t ready or able to take your time, then complete the task when you feel calmer or hire someone to do it for you. Most importantly, don’t try to install full length mirrors alone.


Mirrors can make a nice addition to your dance studio. They might help polish your steps or help you advance in your classes.

Hans panels are the most common type of dance studio mirrors, and I think this set is a great value. It comes with all the tools you need to hang them. All you need to add is a hanging partner. You can start with a few, or with one, and then expand over time.

For those on a budget, the EVENLIVE mirror tiles also offer great value. Adhesive tape is included with your purchase, and you can add tiles over time as your budget allows.

If you plan to move soon, or you don’t want to attach anything to your walls, then this standing mirror is safe and sturdy. It’s full length but also wider than the EVENLIVE mirror tiles.

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