10 Best Ballroom Dancing Shoes for Beginners In 2023 (Buying Guide & Review)

So you want to give ballroom dancing a try, right? Great move! It’s fun! You’ll love every bit of the dance. 

With that said, you need the right shoe for your dancing sessions. 

This review will focus on the Best Ballroom Dancing Shoes for Beginners (both men and women) 

The goal of every dance shoe is to offer durability, protection, and support. However, as a beginner, the most important factor you need to consider is comfort! 

With that said, I’ve put together 10 of the best and most popular Ballroom Dancing Shoes for beginner’s comfort -men and women inclusive. 

In a hurry? Check out our top picks ballroom dancing shoes ; 

Best Ballroom Dancing Shoes for Beginners

10 Best Ballroom Dance Shoes Reviewed

All the shoes we featured are made with top-grade materials, are long-lasting, and a perfect fit on the feet. 

1. CLEECLI Women’s Ballroom Dance Shoes – Best Overall for women 

When it comes to women’s shoes for ballroom dance, CLEECLI always stands out. 

CLEECLI Women’s Ballroom Dance Shoes are flexible to use and a beautiful sight to behold in ballroom dance sessions, parties, weddings, or even a typical dance session. 

This flexible use is made possible by the brand’s use of top-grade material in shoe production to give you the required support and comfort on the dance floor. 

The decent heel design is a good fit for beginners. Display your dancing style on the dance floor without fear of slipping off.  

The strap is designed with mesh in-between to keep the toes stable and beautifully arranged. 

I love the lightweight materials used in the production process. Wearing the shoe makes it so comfortable to display your dancing skills. 

Apart from the impressive aesthetics, CLEECLI Women’s Ballroom Dance Shoes also stabilizes the feet for a memorable dancing experience. 


  •  Moisture-absorbing suede insole
  • Available in a variety of beautiful colors
  • Comfortable. Perfectly fitting 
  • Creates that elegant feeling when dancing 
  • Reasonably priced 


  • Thin sole and ankle strap 

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2. TTdancewear Women Rhinestone Ballroom Dance Shoes

TTdancewear is known for producing quality dance shoes for both beginner and seasoned professionals. The Rhinestone Ballroom Dance Shoes is no exception. 

Put the dance shoe on and off without stress – thanks to its easy-release buckles. 

Available in a variety of colors, Feel free to make your choice from arrays of shiny color. Rhinestone comes with a suede sole that keeps your foot stable for the right traction and the right moves while showing off your dancing skill. You won’t lose your balance as you dance.   

If style, comfort, and a reasonable price are your priorities, this ballroom dancing shoe might tick your boxes. You can get them in multiple colors and styles.

Overall, the  Rhinestone Ballroom Dance Shoes has a long ankle strap and wide toe base which makes it a perfect fit for women with wide feet. 


  • Available in different beautiful colors 
  • Impressive quality at a steal 
  • Made with supportive heels to the ankle 
  • Easy to remove buckle is a perfect fit 
  • Insole padding offers impeccable comfort 


  • Not completely comfortable after an extended use
  • Some users complain of detached heels after short term use 

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3. OCHENTA Women’s Sequined Leather Dance Shoes

If you love salsa, you’ll love this shoe. OCHENTA Women’s Sequined Leather offers the best of both protection and aesthetics. The shoe comes with a pointed toe and great heels that pair up to turn heads at parties or dancing sessions. 

It features two outsole types: the suede and the rubber outsole. Practice your dancing skills indoors with the suede outsole while the rubber outsole lets you show off your dancing style at parties.

The soft suede offers the flexibility to slide and drift on any dance surface without the fear of falling. 

An adjustable buckle keeps the shoe comfortably tightened to the feet. 

I also highly recommend this ballroom dance shoe for beginners who love varieties. Besides its availability in several colors, the shoe also comes in two outsole types for an overall great dancing experience.  

The heel has received lots of applause from beginners and experts as it prides itself on comfortability. 

Overall, this shoe is suited for all occasions and you can get the pair at a price that is considered fair on the pocket. 


  • Two outsole types create a flexible experience 
  • Lightweight and comfortable to use
  • Supports the foot and the arch 
  • Available in five glowing colors 


  • Too lengthy straps

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4. Capezio Men’s SD103 Social Dance Shoe – Best Overall for men

When it comes to comfort ( which is ultimately what you’re looking for), Capezio Men’s SD103 shoe packs a punch as a favorite among ballroom dance enthusiasts. 

This dance shoe is undoubtedly one of the best models coming from Capezio! 

The ballroom dance shoe for men is designed for both beginner and seasoned professionals alike. If flexibility and solid ankle support are what you’re looking for, you can always count on this shoe’s design. 

Designed with padded collar edges, this feature ensures that you’re comfortable throughout your dancing session.

In addition, the padded collar edge design is comfortable to use for people with Achilles tendonitis.

The shoelace and the 1-inch heel ensure that there’s enough traction on your feet when you dance. 

Overall, I’ll recommend the Capezio Men’s SD103 for men who are just getting their foot on the ballroom dancing ground. More especially, men with narrow feet. 


  • Moisture-absorbing cotton lining 
  • Spongy insole for shock absorbance 
  • Sturdy heel counter for perfect ankle support
  • Extreme comfort at a competitive price 


  • Narrow – not the best for wide-legged men 
  • Sizing not so accurate 
  • Available in limited colors 

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5. Bloch Dance Men’s Xavier Ballroom Shoe – Runner Up For men 

This ballroom shoe from Bloch is the perfect fit for men who’d love to take over the dance floor with elegance. 

Experience that native Latin look with the oxford design of this ballroom shoe that every dancer will love. 

Bloch Dance Men’s Xavier Ballroom Shoe is a close match for tuxedo shoes designed for ballroom dance. 

Feel free to perform your demi-pointed dance style with ease and flexibility – thanks to its availability in low and wide heels. 

Its cushioned insole provides the comfort that your feet will adore while protecting your metatarsals as you switch dance styles. 

Honestly, I recommend this 100% full-grain leather and suede sole shoe for beginners. It’s easy on the leg. Stylish on the dance floor. On top of that, it is affordable. 

Made by a reputable shoe company, you can’t go wrong with this choice. 


  • Low shank for arch support
  • Cushioned insole for shock absorption 
  • Comfortable on the feet 
  • Great quality at a competitive price 


  • Improper wheel alignment 
  • Irregular Shoe shape
  •  Not available in regular shoe size 

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6. NLeahershoe Breathable Lace-up Dancing Leather Latin Shoes

If you’re looking for one of the best ballroom dancing shoes designed to complement your charming look on the dance floor, you can always have a look at the NLeahershoe Breathable Lace-up Dancing Leather Latin shoe. 

It is designed with the right features to fulfill all your ballroom dancing fantasies. Not surprised why it got into the list of our best ballroom dancing shoes. 

Not only professionals but also newbies can enjoy all dance types with this shoe. 

The outsole is anti-slip for balance and stability. No fear of falling when dancing. The air holes ensure that there’s a breathing space for airflow into the shoe. This has helped prevent mold buildup that typically affects shoes. 

If a great look, unmatched quality, and affordable price are your priorities, then you won’t go wrong with this one from NLeahershoe Breathable Lace-up Dancing Leather Latin Shoes. 

Lovely floor feel. Beautifully designed dancewear! 

That’s all you’ll get with this ballroom dance shoe. Only a few manageable drawbacks. 


  • Soft material makeup for lightweight on the feet 
  • Excellent quality at a decent price 
  • Slips easily when worn 


  • Only in black color 
  • Laces are short 
  • Not suited for heavy dance 

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7. DLisiting Latin Dance Shoes Men’s

Here’s another ballroom dancing shoe that men will find adorable. 

DLisiting Latin Dance Shoes Men’s offers the foot supports you’re looking for, especially with its low heels. 

Whether it’s modern, Latin, or your favorite dancing style, you can always get the perfect support you’re looking for with this dancing shoe for men. 

Dancing on this shoe is quite easier. Its stability on the leg and suede sole prevent occasional slip. 

What’s more, men with wide feet will find this Soft Leather shoe highly comfortable to use. 

Overall, visiting Latin Dance Shoes perfectly fits almost all foot shapes. Your male friend or family who is a dance enthusiast will be excited to receive this modest gift. 


  • The suede sole offers decent slip and slide for your dancing style 
  • Can be slipped on and off in between sessions 
  • Reasonably priced 


  • Heel not so sturdy 
  • Size not regular 

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8. Gogodance Men’s Ballroom Dance Shoes

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Gogodance is beautiful with premium grade material and excellent color. You’ll love every single step of your dance move on this shoe. Men who love salsa and Tango should have a look at this premium leather shoe. Perfect for your dance class. Or your evening party. 

Gogodance focuses on the shoe length and ensures that it looks fittingly great on your foot with style. The outsole is lightweight and anti-slip which means you’ll have more confidence as you practice your favorite dance with style or as you display your ballroom dancing skill on the dance floor. 

The suede sole and the added cushion in heels keep your feet stabilized while preventing the typical occasional slip. 

Overall, I recommend this modest shoe for men with wide feet or heavy dancing. 


  • Perfect length 
  • Modest design 
  • Lightweight. Flexible 
  • Great for heavy dancing 


  • Wide and not suited for men with narrow feet 
  • No holes for breathability 

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9. Bloch Dance Annabella Ballroom Shoes

Bloch is popular for making the best dance ballroom shoe for both men and women. All their shoes are classic, premium made! And Bloch Annabella is no exception. 

Made out of pure suede and leather, Bloch Annabella will deservedly provide your feet with support, stability, and pliability. The product keeps the feet protected all day long, regardless of the dancefloor they’re used. 

Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, its material makeup is also stunning with suede outsoles, cushioned insole, and movable low wide heels. 

Your feet’ safety is a sure thing with the self-locking buckle! It’d be a privilege to own one of the best ballroom dance shoes for both men and women when you own this product from Bloch. 

Keep in mind that this is available in two colors only. So you don’t have a variety of choices to make. 


  • Made with top grade leather and suede 
  • A perfect dance shoe for any dancer 
  • Fits perfectly on the feet 
  • Modest design 
  • Flexible outsole 


  • Not so durable 

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10.  Faranzi Tuxedo Shoes Patent Leather

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British military wear Tuxedo shoes. But today, dancers wear them too. And their compatibility on dancer’s feet is second to none. Franzi Tuxedo Shoes Patent Leather is best suited for oxford style! 

Mostly available in black color, the blue color is not only suited for business wear but also styled for dance events. 

The upper smooth leather, the straight line on a polished body all add to the elegance of this men’s dancing shoe. 

I love the lightweight materials used in the production process. Wearing the shoe makes it so comfortable to display your dancing skills. 

Stacked heel, Shock-absorbing outsoles, blind eyelet lacing, etc, make this product a perfect fit for just about every dance type.  And I’ve heard many users commend its long-lasting. 

Overall, this shoe is suited for all occasions and you can get the pair at a price that is considered fair on the pocket. 


  • Long-lasting 
  • Durable 
  • Aesthetically pleasing 
  • Reasonably priced 


  • Not suited for those with narrow feet 

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Buying Guide – How To Choose The Best Ballroom Dance Shoe

Before you finally hit the purchase button, there are still a few things you need to understand. 

Types Of Dancing Shoes

 First is the types of dancing shoes. This way you can easily differentiate between the ballroom dance shoe from other types. 

What type of shoes should you wear for a dancing class? Dances have different types and the shoes you wear must meet the standard of your dance type. Check out a few dancing pairs. 

Ballroom Shoes

The rubber and/or synthetic suede sole of this pair delivers the perfect grip and twirl needed for support and stability. 

These shoe shares similarities with the street dance’s acrobatics and lindy hops. The perfect ballroom shoes come with features that suites most dance exercises. 

Jazz shoes

Jazz shoes feature the suede patch and the rubber soles to provide the support and traction needed by your foot. Some models also come with thick heal to absorb all shock forms. 

These shoes are sold in several model varieties and gestures like split soles and slip on. 

Ballet flats

Ballet flats are typically women’s slippers. They feature a close toe, flat thin heels, or low cut design. 

Ballerina flats, dolly shoes, and skimmers are some great examples of ballet flats. 

Dance sneakers 

Most dance sneakers share shape similarities with dance shoes. The difference is in the materials. Examples of sneakers are soft lining and hybrid. I’ve seen dance sneakers that support the soles systems with their sock-like fit. 

Latin shoes

You’ll often see these shoes on dancers who perform in International Latin. The open-toe frame straps and satin material extends this shoe right into your feet. The heels can be very fragile so I don’t recommend bringing them to classes where you can perform heavy dancing.  

Argentine Tango shoes

Argentina Tango shoes feature flexible suedes, leather, or hard insoles to enable an easy foot turnaround without stress. 

They keep your foot in an intact position for optimal knee protection. However, your feet may get hurt if it touches the floor. 

Unisex practice sneakers

They usually have a durable plastic or suede bottom. The flexible arc supports keep your feet comfortable inside the shoe.  The Unisex practice sneakers are best suited for everyday practice. Not the most reliable for competitive dancing. 

Flamenco shoes

Female dancers prefer this shoe for the typical Flamenco performance.  Men go for the heeled boots. Some of the most popular Flamenco shoe materials are leather, suede, and synthetics. 

Tap dancing shoes

Oxfords shoes are the most ideal shoe type for tap dancing for men. Female dancers should opt for Mary Jane’s shoes. The classy and endurance of these shoes can be attributed to the equipped leather in the body. 


Some features to keep in mind include: 

Underfoot cushions 

The heel area is equipped with a cushioning system for optimal comfort. I’ve seen some ballroom dancing shoes have underfoot cushions that allow people with flat feet to manage the rendition. 

Upper materials 

Upper materials are either satin, leather, suede, lambskin, or even microfiber. 


Laces safeguard the construction. Virtually all men’s ballroom dance shoes have laces. 


Most Latin shoes have more than one strap. Straps are either located around the forefoot or in the ankle area. Most bathroom dance shoes have straps. Be sure to check the strap’s strength before you attend a practice or an event. 


Outsoles have leather, rubber, suede, or plastic with suede being the most critical of them. A perfect ballroom dance shoe has suede. 

Toe areas 

An ideal ballroom shoe has either of open-toe or closed-toe design. Whether you chose the open or the toe design, ensure that you carefully check the box. 

Heel areas 

The heel areas are not really a bone of contention for a typical shoe. However, this area is also important for feet protection. 

Dance practices require some bit of heel movement. Be sure to choose the right heel height. If not, it can lead to accidents during practice.  


What are the key factors to consider in a dance shoe construction? Material is the first (from the interior to the exterior). The outsoles of most ballroom dance shoes are usually leathers or synthetics. The bottom has suede or rubbers. 

Color and design are next. Which totally depends on your choice of style. 

Next is fit. Keep the toe area and heel height in mind for comfortability. 

A tight, wide, or narrow toe box is fine. Hooking around may result in avoidable pain or blisters. 


The arch support determines the flexibility of the dance shoe. Not only does the arch support protect the feet, but it also fits the heel, ankles, and toes without stress. 


The material build-up will determine how well the shoe can endure heavy dance activities. Material quality also impacts the overlays and the outsoles. Properly check for durability.  

For example, leathers can be more durable than rubbers or polyurethanes. In addition, you need to learn how to maintain your shoes. 


Your dance style will be determined by your overall outfit look and your dance style. I’ll suggest that you discover your style of dancing first. Then you can easily choose your best ballroom dance shoes. 

Bottom line 

As a beginner looking for the best ballroom dance shoes, your ultimate goal in a shoe is durability, protection, and support.

When it comes to comfort ( which is ultimately what you’re looking for), Capezio Men’s SD103 shoe packs a punch as a favorite among ballroom dance enthusiasts. And that’s why it earned the top spot on our list for men. 

When it comes to women’s shoes for ballroom dance, CLEECLI has always stood out. 

CLEECLI Women’s Ballroom Dance Shoes are flexible to use and a beautiful sight to behold in ballroom dance, parties, weddings, or even a typical dance session. Both dance shoes are easy to use and priced affordably. 

Overall, all the products we reviewed are top-notch with each unique feature. 

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