How Long Do Ballroom Dance Shoes Last? (Explained for Beginners)

nvesting in a good pair of ballroom dance shoes is essential for those who aim to start ballroom dancing. These shoes provide support and comfort but also aren’t the most inexpensive shoes on the market. One might question how long these ballroom shoes last so they can understand if they will get their money’s worth. 

High-quality ballroom dance shoes can last anywhere between 5 months to a year. The lifespan of ballroom dance is entirely dependent on the shoe’s user and if they’re being taken care of.

There might be several other questions that come to mind regarding ballroom dance shoes. It is essential to obtain an answer to these questions before investing money in these shoes. The answers to such questions are what we will be discussing in this article. 

How Long Do Ballroom Dance Shoes Last

How Long Do Ballroom Shoes Last?

Ballroom shoes are an essential item for every ballroom dancer, and purchasing them is the first step when starting ballroom dancing. The lifespan of these shoes can be somewhere between 5 months up to a year. However, this mentioned lifespan of the ballroom dance shoes is entirely subjective and may differ. 

The main reason some ballroom shoes may last longer or last a shorter amount of time is the frequency with which they are being used. If a dancer spends a small amount of time dancing in these, such as maybe 2-3 hours a week, the shoes can easily last up to an entire year because they won’t be used much. On the contrary, if the dancer spends perhaps 8 hours a week or even wears the shoes daily to dance, the shoes’ lifespan will be significantly reduced, and they won’t last very long. 

Another reason why ballroom shoes’ lifespan may differ for each dancer is the quality of the shoes they’ve purchased. Just as with other types of shoes, there are many ballroom dance shoes available on the market, and all these shoes vary in price and quality. 

Suppose the shoe is of lower quality and is significantly cheaper than the rest of the shoes available on the market. In that case, it might not last that long, and that is simply because the materials used to make the shoe will be of low quality and will, therefore, take less time for wear and tear. 

However, suppose the shoe is of high quality and is priced moderately. In that case, it can last for a more extended period of time due to its material being more robust and, perhaps, better than the cheaper alternative. 

What Makes A Good Dance Shoe?

Dance shoes can be very beneficial for ballroom dancers as they can provide support and comfort. A right dance shoe should have several specific qualities, which will aid the dancer in their performance. The first quality of a good dance shoe is that it should be lightweight and should not weigh down the dancer. The shoe should also be made of a flexible material to allow the dancer to move their feet with ease and allow them to perform all the foot movements.

A good dance shoe should also have the right type of sole appropriate for the dance the dancer is aiming at performing. Ballroom dancers often prefer to wear shoes with suede soles because these make it easier for them to glide on the dance floor and provide enough grip to ensure they do not slip. The right dance shoe should fit the dancers’ feet snuggly to comfortably and smoothly perform all the intricate movements and steps involved in their dance. 

How Do You Take Care Of Ballroom Dancing Shoes?

Once you’ve invested in good ballroom dancing shoes, you will need to take appropriate care of them to make them last longer and make sure that you get your money’s worth. Dance shoes should be cleaned regularly, and there is a proper way to clean these shoes to ensure to increase their lifespan. 

There are many different types of ballroom dancing shoes available on the market, and each shoe should be taken care of in a different manner. 

Leather ballroom dance shoes should be cleaned with a warm, damp cloth and should be polished to ensure that they remain shiny and that the leather doesn’t crack. 

Suede ballroom shoes should be washed with warm water, and a toothbrush can be used to get rid of any dirt that may accumulate on the suede shoe. 

Ballroom shoes with suede soles should be brushed regularly with a suede shoe brush to ensure that the suede doesn’t go flat and remain smooth. Brushing suede shoes is extremely important as it allows the suede to stay clean. 

Other than cleaning your dance shoes properly, it is essential only to use these shoes for dancing. Wearing ballroom dance shoes outside that damage the soles and reduce their lifespan significantly. Avoiding getting your suede ballroom shoes wet is also very important as water can change the suede’s texture and make it rougher. 

How Do You Brush Ballroom Shoes?

Brushing ballroom shoes is crucial in ensuring that your shoes last a long time and ensure they remain clean and smooth. Having good ballroom shoes will aid your performance, and therefore, it is necessary to regularly brush ballroom shoes. 

For suede-soled ballroom shoes, a specific brush designed for suede soles should be used. These suede shoe brushes are readily available and can help ensure that the soles of your suede ballroom shoes are free of dirt and remain clean. 

The brushing of ballroom shoes should always start at the toe, and the brush should move back towards the heel. This method of brushing your ballroom shoes will ensure that they are appropriately cleaned. There are other types of shoe brushes available, such as those with metal brushes for different shoes. However, the method of brushing shoes remains the same. 

How Do You Store Your Dance Shoes?

Dance shoes are used very frequently by dedicated dancers, and therefore, they need to be stored appropriately to increase their lifespan. When you need to travel to your dance classes, most dance shoes come with a shoe bag for storage, and it is best to carry the shoes in this bag to ensure they remain safe. 

Performing in dance shoes can cause moisture to accumulate inside the shoes, and therefore, once you’re done wearing the shoes, they should be stored in a cool and dry place to make sure that they can completely dry out before you perform in them again. This will also prevent any smell from soaking into the shoes and also increase their lifespan.

How Do You Clean Ballroom Shoes?

Ballroom shoes can accumulate dirt and dust on their soles from the dance floor, and this can, over time, cause buildup and reduce the smoothness of these shoes. Therefore, cleaning these shoes is extremely important and should be done regularly after shoes.

One of the easiest ways to clean ballroom shoes is by using a soft cloth soaked in warm water. The fabric should be damp, not wet, to ensure that there is no excess water. The warm, damp cloth will allow any dirt and grime from the shoes to be cleaned quickly and therefore, making your ballroom shoes all clean. 

Brushing the soles will also help clean the ballroom shoes and, hence, be done very regularly. If your ballroom shoes start to smell from extended use, it can be beneficial to purchase dryer sheets to get rid of the smell. 

Air drying your ballroom shoes after performing will also help in keeping them smelling clean and fresh. It is necessary to wear your ballroom shoes with clean feet to avoid the inside of the shoe from getting dirty and possibly leading to a nasty smell. 

How Long Do Ballroom Dance Shoes Last? Now You Know

Ballroom dance shoes are necessary for all those that are either learning ballroom dancing or performing ballroom dances. A good quality pair of ballroom dance shoes can be expensive, and hence, the dancer has to invest their money into them. However, if the dancer takes good care of their ballroom dance shoes and cleans them regularly, they can last a long time, and the dancer will not need to spend money on new dance shoes. Therefore, ballroom dancers need to take care of their ballroom dance shoes to increase their lifespan and make them last longer.

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