How Long Does It Take to Become A Good Ballroom Dancer? (Explained)

Ballroom dancing can be extremely intriguing and mesmerizing due to its unique nature. However, it can be quite daunting for a beginner, and one might question how long it takes to learn this dance and become a good ballroom dancer.

Ballroom dancing is a dance that is performed by couples. It is often performed in social gatherings as a source of entertainment and includes specific pre-memorized steps. It can take somewhere between 6 to 9 months of taking classes to become a good ballroom dancer. 

When deciding whether to become a ballroom dancer, many questions may arise regarding the activity’s nature and difficulty. Therefore, it is necessary to obtain a clear understanding of ballroom dancing before learning it. 

How Long Does It Take to Become A Good Ballroom Dancer

Is Ballroom Dancing Difficult?

One of the most common queries regarding ballroom dancing is if it is a complicated dance to learn. Ballroom dancing is just as tricky as any other type of dance and requires a lot of practice by the dancer to perform it. Therefore, ballroom dancing is a unique type of dance and requires dedication and patience to be performed appropriately. 

Regardless of its nature, ballroom dancing is an enjoyable activity. Many dancers pick it up as a way to enjoy themselves and express themselves through body movements to classical and beautiful music.

The difficulty level of ballroom dancing can also be significantly relative, as some people might find it more difficult than others. One of the main factors that some might find ballroom dancing difficult is the type of ballroom dance they choose to learn as a beginner. More complex and advanced dance types, such as Viennese Waltz, will require a lot more effort by the dancer, and a beginner might find it too difficult. 

Therefore, one should always begin learning ballroom dancing with a simple and beginner-friendly dance type and advance towards the more complicated dances once they’ve gained enough expertise in the activity. 

How Do I Become A Better Ballroom Dancer?

Becoming a ballroom dancer can take quite some time to make sure that you can learn all the intricate dance movements and perform them correctly. After starting to learn the dance, you might want to become more efficient and be a better ballroom dancer, which can be quite tricky. However, some general rules can aid your learning and help you to become a better ballroom dancer. 

One of the most important contributing factors to becoming a better ballroom dancer is to ensure that you’re learning ballroom dancing from the right instructor. Your instructor plays the most considerable role in your learning, and if they cannot help you learn at your own pace, all the while making ballroom dancing fun, you might face difficulty getting the expertise you require to become a better dancer. 

Your instructor should also be able to identify which aspects of the dance you meet the most difficulty in and should help you overcome these difficulties and become a better ballroom dancer.

Finding the right dance partner can also elevate your ballroom dancing skills and help you become a better dancer. Your dance partner should be willing and able to coordinate with you and your body movements. The mutual understanding between the partners will allow the dance to become easier to perform for both the dancers. 

What Is the Hardest Ballroom Dance to Learn?

There are several different types of ballroom dances, which allow for a large variety for dancers to learn and perform. Dancers have the freedom to choose which particular dance type they want to perform as the difficulty of these dances also varies. 

One of the most challenging ballroom dances to learn is the Viennese Waltz, as it has some of the most complex and intricate types of steps that exist within ballroom dancing. This ballroom dancing genre contains a rotary type of dance, in which both the dancers frequently turn elegantly in either left or right directions. 

The Viennese Waltz requires a lot of practice and a high level of synchronization of both of the dancers involved. Therefore, it is considered a very advanced ballroom dancing genre and perhaps is one of the most challenging ballroom dances to learn. 

What Is the Easiest Ballroom Dance to Learn?

As with any other kind of dance, there are difficult genres and relatively easier genres that are suitable to be learned by beginners and can be easy for those new to ballroom dancing. One of the easiest ballroom dances is the Foxtrot dance. 

The Foxtrot dance is considered relatively easy because of its continuous movements, making it easier for beginner dancers to synchronize their dance partners’ movements. It includes quarter turns, which are easier to learn and more comfortable to perform on the dance floor. Therefore, many beginners start learning the Foxtrot and make their way up to more complex and challenging dances. 

What Do Professional Ballroom Dancers Do?

As with any kind of dance, there are professionals in ballroom dance with years of expertise in the dance. These professional dancers have dedicated a lot of their time to learning and perfecting ballroom dancing. These dancers develop a professional ballroom dancing career, in which they can perform in competitions and possibly earn prizes if they manage to win these competitions. 

A professional dancer may also opt to go on television and participate in dance shows to show their level of expertise to the world. Professional ballroom dancers also perform in theaters and even some formal parties as ballroom dancing serves as a great entertainment source. 

Many professional ballroom dancers also dedicate their time to teaching ballroom dancing to those interested in the dance and become dance instructors. Being a professional ballroom dancer requires a lot of practice and expertise, and these dancers are often the best at teaching beginners and advanced ballroom dancers. 

How Can I Learn Ballroom Dancing at Home?

If you’re looking to start learning ballroom dancing but do not wish to train under an instructor or take classes, you can still learn ballroom dancing at home with ease. Learning at home will allow you to understand the dance at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home. 

The first step before beginning to learn ballroom dancing is having a dance partner. Learning ballroom dancing with your significant other can be an excellent activity for both of you, and ballroom dancing can be an enjoyable type of dance to engage. Once you have a partner to practice ballroom dancing with, you will need to decide on a ballroom dancing genre that you wish to start learning. 

The first type of dance you learn should be something easy and straightforward, such as Waltz or Foxtrot. You will also need to find a beginner level tutorial online on the type of dance you have chosen. There are thousands of videos online that are aimed at teaching people how to ballroom dance. 

The upside to learning this dance at home can be that you have a large variety of the kind of dance you want to learn and the difficulty of the dance you’re learning is also in your control. 

The next step will be to find suitable music that allows you to express yourself and carry out the movements of the type of ballroom dance you’re learning with ease. By learning at home, you will have ample time to practice and understand whether you wish to continue learning ballroom dancing and learn advanced level dances as well. 

Once you have a good practice and can make an informed decision on whether or not you and your partner wish to learn ballroom dancing, you can take classes from an instructor. Or, if you already feel confident in your ballroom dancing skills, head straight to performing in social gatherings. 


Ballroom dancing is a very unique and beautiful type of dance. It holds a high ground among those that enjoy classical dances, and ballroom dancing has a quality of mesmerizing the audience very quickly. Although learning ballroom dancing isn’t easy, it can undoubtedly be learned in a few months if the dancer is motivated and is ready to put in the effort and practice required to become a good ballroom dancer.

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