Can You Wear Ballroom Dance Shoes Outside? (Explained)

Ballroom shoes are on every ballroom performer’s essentials list. One cannot perform the art of ballroom dancing without ballroom shoes. The questions that arise are what exactly makes these shoes so unique? Can one wear them outside? How are ballroom shoes any different than regular shoes? 

Ballroom shoes should not be worn outside. Ballroom shoes are specifically designed to be worn on the dance floor only. Being worn like regular shoes will damage the dancing shoe’s grip, which will consequently defeat the shoe’s entire purpose.  

Ballroom shoes are to be limited to the dance floor only as that is where they are designed to be. In this article, we shall discuss in detail why it’s best not to wear your ballroom shoes outside.  

Can You Wear Ballroom Dance Shoes Outside

What Are Ballroom Dance Shoes Made Of?

Ballroom dancing is one of the most mesmerizing types of dance, and many people love to engage in it due to its unique nature. Among many other important factors that allow a ballroom dancer to perform correctly, one of the most important factors is the type of shoe the dancer wears. 

Ballroom dance shoes are specifically designed to be worn by the ballroom dancer for dancing and are different from regular shoes worn in everyday life. 

Ballroom dance shoes are made of suede, and this particular type of suede is used to make the soles of the shoe non-slip, which allows the dancer to move freely across the dance floor. The sole also has a firm grip that ensures that the dancer doesn’t slip. 

However, since the sole isn’t made of rubber, it allows the dancer to slide on the dance floor while also providing a firm grip. The material used to make these shoes is very flexible and lightweight to ensure that the dancer is comfortable using them during their dance performance. 

How Are Ballroom Dance Shoes Different?

Dancers wear ballroom shoes to provide better grip and allow them to glide on the dance floor in a much effortless fashion. Usually, ballroom dance involves the dancer rotating on the dance floor, and the suede sole of the dance shoes allows them to slide and spin on the dance floor with ease and elegance. 

The shoes have a metal shank in the shoe’s arch, which supports the dancer’s foot and increases their balance. Different types of ballroom dancing shoes are worn by dancers performing various kinds of ballroom dancing. The movements and steps involved in ballroom dancing require another kind of shoe to be worn by the dancer as the shoe’s grip, slip, and style have to be different for the various specific genres of ballroom dancing.

The flexibility of ballroom shoes also makes them quite different from other types of shoes. This flexible nature allows the dancer to move their feet comfortably and focus on the dance steps. The flexibility of ballroom dance shoes also highlights the dancer’s feet’ movements, allowing for a mesmerizing sight. 

The sole of ballroom dance shoes is relatively thin and made of lightweight material, making it significantly more comfortable for the dancer to perform intricate steps and movements using their feet, so the shoe doesn’t weigh them down. 

These shoes are also designed to fit very snuggly onto the dancers’ feet, which allows them to keep their balance when performing. The shoes are available in many different sizes, shapes, and styles to ensure that every dancer can find the right shoe for themselves.

What Shoes Do You Wear To Ballroom Dance?

The dancer must wear ballroom shoes to perform ballroom dance, which is functional and designed for the dance itself while also being incredibly stylish. There is a large variety of ballroom shoes, and there’s a different style suitable for different ballroom dancing genres. The type of shoes worn by ballroom dancers when performing varies as men and women wear different kinds of shoes. 

Women’s ballroom shoes almost always have a two-inch heel, which gives the dancer height and adds to the dancer’s movements’ effect. Along with a heel, these shoes are also closed-toe, which makes it easier for the dancer to perform. 

These making heel shoes are often suitable for dances that involve the dancer gliding across the dance floor smoothly and are mostly not worn when performing Latin ballroom dancing. For Latin dances involving more rhythmic movements, dancers often wear open-toed shoes that have straps to keep the dancers’ feet in place. 

Ballroom shoes for men are made up of leather and have a heel, which is only 1 inch, to ensure a better balance of the dancer. Men can also wear shoes without a heel if they feel that the shoe’s heel limits their ability to perform accurately. 

However, these leather shoes differ from regular leather shoes, as these ballroom shoes are made up of a much more flexible type of leather. This flexibility provides more room for the movement of the dancers’ feet and enhances their foot movement.

Why Do Ballroom Dancers Wear Leather Soled Shoes?

Ballroom shoes offer a large variety to the dancers, and there are several different types of ballroom shoes. This variety allows the dancers to choose whichever kind of shoe fits their requirements for their performance entirely. Ballroom shoes can either have a leather sole or a sole that is made up of suede. 

Ballroom shoes that have a leather sole can glide very smoothly on floors made of wood, and since the leather used in ballroom shoes is different from regular leather, they are also quite flexible and allow the dancer to move their feet freely. 

Leather soled ballroom shoes are also a better choice for dancers who will perform on a relatively dirty floor, i.e., from spilled drink or dirt. This is because suede soles will pick up the dirt and won’t be able to slide across the floor with ease. 

Can You Wear Suede Soled Shoes Outside?

Ballroom dance shoes often have a sole made up of suede because this provides a perfect opportunity for the dancer to glide across the dance floor and easily move around. Suede soled shoes are specifically designed to be worn when performing ballroom dancing, so these suede-soled dancing shoes shouldn’t be worn outside. 

Wearing shoes with a sole suede outside would damage the suede’s texture, and it would make them slick. Wearing suede-soled dancing shoes outdoors will prevent the dancer from gliding and rotating on the dance floor with ease when ballroom dancing. 

It isn’t advisable to wear suede-soled shoes outside because they will bring in the dirt and dust from the outside onto the dance floor once you use them to perform and, therefore, jeopardize the dancers’ ability to function correctly. 

Are Ballroom Dancing Shoes Comfortable?

Ballroom dancing requires a lot of practice, and dancers often spend months training and practicing before they are capable enough to perform in a social gathering. To ensure that the dancer is comfortable during practice, ballroom shoes are designed to be very comfortable and are made to ensure that the dancer enjoys performing in them. 

These ballroom dancing shoes are incredibly lightweight, making them very comfortable to be worn for extended periods of time by the dancer while performing or practicing. These shoes are also quite flexible, allowing the dancer to be able to move their feet freely and ensure that their feet don’t get tired from wearing these shoes. 

Performing ballroom dancing requires a lot of focus, and therefore, these shoes are designed to ensure that the dancer is at ease and can easily carry out the movements they need to perform. 

Can You Wear Ballroom Dance Shoes Outside? Now You Know

Ballroom shoes are one of the most critical aspects of ballroom dancing, and these shoes are crucial to the dancers when they are performing. These shoes are specifically made to be only worn on the dance floor because they have details, such as a suede sole, which allows the dancer to be able to perform all the intricate movements and steps of ballroom dancing accurately. Dancers spend quite some time choosing the right shoe for them because these shoes allow them to perform better. Therefore, it is essential to select the perfect shoe when performing or even learning ballroom dancing.

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