5 Best Shoes for Line Dancing In 2023 (Buying Guide & Review)

If you’re in a hurry and just want to know which shoes would be the best for line dabcing, then I would recommend,No products found., as your best choice. 

Line dancing is a fun social activity that can be enjoyable for all dance levels. As with any form of dance, wearing the right shoes can go a long way in determining whether or not you want to continue attending class.

Let’s look at some of the best shoes for line dancing that will offer cushioned support, foot, ankle, and knee support, and have you high-steppin’ in no time. 

In this post, I will review these dance shoes:

The 5 Best Shoes for Line Dancing

Best Shoes for Line Dancing

Choosing the best shoe for line dancing is ultimately a matter of personal preference. But the one thing you want to make certain is that the shoe is comfortable. You’ll be on your feet for a while and wouldn’t want to have to focus more on the pain in your feet than catching the choreography. 

But let’s face it, shoes finish off your line dance outfit. So it’s okay to first consider comfort, and then narrow down your choices based on the appearance of the shoe.

1. Affordable Social Sneaker: Women’s Beginner Standard Practice Dance Sneaker

Sometimes it’s hard to commit. You may want to try out line dancing without buying traditional (read: costly) Western boots. 

This is where the casual social sneaker comes into play. These are shoes you can continue to use in multiple dance classes, making them a good investment if you take classes in various dance styles. They can be worn during ballroom dancing, for instance.

These practice shoes have a suede outer sole, which is dancefloor-friendly. Suede soles also make it easier for you to pivot and carry out line dancing turns. Another benefit of these soles is that they won’t cause your limbs to jerk or torte as you move. 

Available in pink or black glitter, its one-inch heel gives you lift without putting strain on the ball of your foot.

Perfect for social dancing, your foot would be fully enclosed in breathable fabric that absorbs perspiration. 

A lightweight shoe, it’s so comfortable that you will feel like you’re walking on clouds. If you’ve been dancing a while and already have strong ankles, you’d probably transition nicely into this shoe.


  • Extremely comfortable
  • Flexible split-sole
  • Breathable fabric upper


  • Cleaning them might be a challenge
  • Little to no ankle or arch support

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2. Affordable Athletic Dance Shoes: Slow Man Split-Sole Lace-Up Sneakers

Although these are jazz dance sneakers, they would work perfectly fine for line dancing as well. They’re a cost-conscious option for those who enjoy line dancing but aren’t ready to commit to investing in a pair of comfortable Western boots.

Made of breathable mesh fabric, you can dance for hours without sweat build-up on your feet. The footbed is padded with memory foam for added comfort. It’s also partially made of mesh to add to the breathability of the shoe. Since the sole is literally split, you can expect a wider range of movement. 

Although the outer sole is made of ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), a man-made material, it won’t damage dance floors. EVA is considered an environmentally-friendly material that is soft, highly flexible, and even has shock-absorbing properties. So your feet will be protected, and you’ll be able to move around freely because they’re so lightweight.

Its boxed toe design gives your toes ample room to rest and bend without constrictions. You’ll experience arch and achilles support to prevent pain and injuries. 

The platform of this shoe is close to two inches but the heel is only slightly higher than the foot base. You won’t feel an incline in the heel area; the sole is pretty even.

Due to the padded shoe collar, your ankle will feel supported and won’t have to endure sharp jabs throughout the dance class. This is a medium-width shoe – not too narrow, not too wide.

In terms of style, there are ten color options to choose from. If you are new to line dancing, or are aare person in need of superior cushioning in your dance shoe, then this is a solid option. 

Another point is that you can use these shoes for other dance classes as well, like jazz or even Zumba. If you enjoy multiple dance styles and don’t want to have to buy a different shoe for each dance class, this shoe might be an economical choice for you.


  • Highly flexible sole
  • Vegan-friendly shoe
  • Breathable shoe
  • Versatile dance class options
  • Shock absorption
  • Fit true to size


  • Don’t add to the line dance “look”
  • Some people may dislike the color options

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3. Best Women’s Leather Boot: Shyanne Women’s Embroidered Western Boot

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Shyanne is known for making stylish boots for women. I know I’ve preached that aesthetics should take a back seat to comfort. But with this boot, you don’t have to compromise either. 

The leather-lined boot shaft is 12 inches wide. This allows you to easily slide your foot in while hugging your calves for an attractive fit. A supportive steel shank topped with cushioned leather lining will keep you on your feet dancing for hours.

The heel of this boot meets height suggestions. It’s a 1.5-inch cowboy heel that will keep your foot mobile and won’t interfere with your line dance steps.

On the aesthetics side, this neutral colored boot pairs well with dark or light jeans or leggings. And you can pair them with many different outfits because the colorful embroidery complements many different color schemes. 

No matter what kind of pants or skirt you wear, you can’t cover up the entire design. Since there’s embroidery on the boot collar and upper foot area, you’ll see color peeking out even if you wear jeans or a long skirt over the boot collar. 

Due to their cute snip toe, the toe base of this boot is narrower than a square or round toe.

Some customers feel that this boot fits true to size. Others feel that it’s too narrow and runs small. You will have to compare its measurements to your typical shoe size and decide whether or not to order a size up.

Overall, the leather is soft and comfortable. And since the sole is made of leather, you can confidently wear these to line dance class without concern for causing floor damage. 


  • Beautiful floral embroidery detailing
  • Genuine leather construction
  • Leather outsole
  • Pull tabs
  • 1.5 inch cowboy heel


  • They run small, so order one-half to one size up
  • They also have a narrow base

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4. Best Line Dance Boot for Kids: Roper Fringes Western Boot

Line dancing can be a family affair, so we couldn’t leave out the best line dancing shoes for kids. Entirely made from synthetic materials, this boot is a moderately-priced investment for the line dancing child in your life.

The heel is about 1.25 inches high and it’s adorably designed with Western fringes and embroidery.

Although the sole is man-made, it shouldn’t mark up the dance floor. Your child will be able to glide in step with you. Additionally, children can dance in these boots for hours without complaining of foot pain due to the extra insole padding.

Roper manufactures high quality Western apparel and footwear that doesn’t disappoint. If your child is new to line dancing, this might be a good starter boot.


  • Non-marking sole
  • Stylish embroidery and fringes
  • Flexible and comfortable
  • Low monetary investment


  • They aren’t made of leather, so they’re less durable
  • Not all girls like the design

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5. Best Male Line Dance Boot for Outdoors: Ariat Men’s Sport Western Boot

Plan to line dance in a barn or someplace else outdoors? These rubber outsole boots are both comfortable and stylish for men who transition from work to dance.

Speaking of comfort, the footbed is made of Ariat’s 4LR technology. This is four layers of thoughtful support applications that makes this boot feel like athletic footwear. They’re designed to be worn for hours without compromising comfort. 

For those who like ample toe room, you can expect that with the square toe cut of this boot. 

Boot width is about 15 inches, giving you sufficient room to slide your foot in without discomfort. Side tabs also aid in easily pulling the boot on and off.

Although lightweight, these boots have a stabilizing shank that helps you keep your balance as you move around in them. The liner is made of moisture-wicking material. This is helpful for preventing strong odor buildup. 

And the outsole is slip-resistant, meaning you can twist and slide on the dance floor without slipping onto your butt. 

This boot is durable enough to withstand hours uf use but flexible enough to support your body movements. You don’t even need to break them in.


  • Comfortable fit
  • Cushioned inner lining
  • 1.5 inch horseman heel
  • Flexible, painless fit


  • May take a couple tries to find the right size
  • Expect to regularly treat the leather with oil

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What to Avoid When Choosing Shoes for Line Dancing

There’s a reason why not every shoe is worn in dance class. This reason is usually linked to your foot and body health. 

You want shoes that are fully enclosed around your foot because they prevent you from falling. They also offer foot support. 

At the same time, you want this supportive shoe to be comfortable, not restraining or too hard. Your ankles will need to be supported as well. With the proper soles, you’ll be protecting your knees from unnecessary jerking from hard stops on the dance floor. 

So here’s what not to wear:

Mule Backs

These are the kind of shoes that are enclosed around the front and sides of your foot but open in the back.

Not only is there the possibility for mule backs to slip off of your foot as you dance, they lack proper support. Neither your ankles or the heels of your feet will feel supported. And this lack of support interferes with your ability to execute each dance move. 

Open Toe Shoes

The opposite of mule backs, with open toe shoes your heels and the sides of your feet are usually enclosed, but your toes are exposed. This can lead to injury. Someone might accidentally step on your toes, the shoe can slip off your foot, causing you to fall, or you might set your foot down too hard on the toe as you dance.

Open toe shoes would be more harmful than helpful as you line dance.


These shoes are likely the least comfortable or supportive as you line dance. You may want to quickly drop into a line dance class and only have on flop-flips or shoe thongs at the time. I’d admire your spontaneity, but you’d likely not be permitted to join the class with this type of shoe. If you are admitted into the class, your feet would not be pleased with you once class was over. 

Flip-flops are the shoe type to avoid at all costs when line dancing.

High Heels

Even if you’re acclimated to walking in high heels, dancing in them is a different story. Similar to swing dancing, it’s suggested that your heel be no higher than 1.5 inches when line dancing. Otherwise, your ankles won’t have the support that they need. Considering the types of movements carried out in line dancing, the ball of your foot would suffer as well. 

If you must wear heels, keep them below 2 inches. 

Harsh Shoe Soles

The best soles to have on the dance floor will depend on where the dance floor is located. If you’re indoors, then you’ll likely be asked to wear leather or suede soled shoes.

Not only do leather and suede soles protect the dance floor, they also help you execute your line dance moves. They have enough give in order for you to slide and pivot when necessary. But they aren’t so slick that you’ll have to worry about slipping and falling.

The Wrong Size Shoe

It’s important not to wear the wrong sized shoe. This means that if you’re ordering online, and you’re unsure of the sizing, you may want to order more than one size in order to determine which one fits the best. Pay attention to foot measurement suggestions. If you can, measure your foot length and width so that you’ll have the best chance of selecting the right size.

If your shoe is too tight or too large, you’ll constantly run into problems as you dance. Either your feet will be in so much pain that you can hardly move your feet. Or you’ll be tripping over yourself, unable to enjoy the activity.

Take the time to choose the best line dancing shoe for your foot. 

Additional Questions to Ask Yourself

If you’re still narrowing down your choices, consider these questions before making a final decision.

How often will you line dance? 

Knowing this determines whether or not you want to make a financial investment in a pair of cowboy boots or expensive shoes.

If you’re unsure whether you’ll continue to line dance past your current class, then you’d probably want to select the least expensive, but comfortable, option. On the other hand, if you’re certain that you’ll be line dancing for life – or at least for a number of years – then you may want to invest in a more durable pair of line dance shoes.

How important is the look of your shoe?

It’s probably best not to sacrifice comfort for style. Sure you want to look nice while out there on the dance floor, but you don’t want to go home and tend to blistered or aching feet.

Does your dance school have shoe guidelines?

Depending on the kind of floor you’ll be dancing on, you might have to choose a shoe based on the school’s guidelines. To prolong the use of dance flooring, it helps if students adhere to these guidelines. 

If you aren’t told up front when signing up for the class, then be sure to ask if there are any shoe sole restrictions. Most dance schools will offer a friendly reminder, though, so you don’t have to worry about not asking. 

Some soles scuff up or dig into dance floors, leaving damaging impressions. Whatever their preferences, adhere to those guidelines so that you can enjoy classes at the school for years to come.


Line dancing can be a fun and healthy activity to engage in. You’ll get good exercise, challenge your brain with new dance steps, and you get to interact with other people. All of these benefits of line dancing can go unnoticed if you’re wearing the wrong pair of shoes. 

For a traditional line dance look, Shyanne’s embroidered Western boot has both the comfort and style boxes checked. You can dance for hours on end with these and look adorable while doing it. Most importantly, your feet will still feel comfortable and supported.

These split-sole dance shoes are a nice alternative for those not ready to invest in boots. As athletic lace-up sneakers, you will experience comfort, your ankles will feel supported, and your feet will have room to flex.

Here’s to your foot health!

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