5 Best Dance Pole for Home Use In 2023 (Buying Guide & Review)

Pole dancing is growing wild in popularity as a fitness process and as an expressive dance movement. To practice this sporty movement, you’ll need a pole installed in your home. However, the question is what is the best dance pole for home use?

I’ve put together 5 of the best dance poles you can install for home use.

Don’t have the time to read through? Quickly check our list of top 5 dance poles for home use;

Best Dance Pole for Home Use

5 Best Dance Pole for Home Use Reviewed

1. Rekink Dance Pole For Home – Best Overall

This dance pole from Rekink is pretty amazing. The removable pole is made out of soft, smooth stainless steel.

The best aspect of its ‘removable’ feature is that you can easily transport the pole from one room to another. No need to buy another pole. That’s a great feature for those who regularly move houses or plan to move one.

You’ll love that this pole is super easy to install. Even if you’re not the handy type. Installation takes a few minutes. Requires no third-party assistance or a drill.

Available in static or spinning mode and a quadruple ball bearing system that facilitates incredible spin.

The 45mm pole fits rightly into your hand without stress.  

To crown it all, Rekink customer care service is up to par.


  • Easy installation process  
  • Stainless steel materials  
  • Excellent customer care service  


  • Some complaint about the slippery texture of the stainless steel material  

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2.  X-POLE X-PERT Starter Package – Most Value for beginners  

Our runner-up is the X-POLE X-PERT Starter Package from X-POLE, a reputable brand in the danceware industry. They’re known for producing top-quality poles and there’s currently no exception with the X-Pert Pole. 

The X-POLE X-PERT Starter Package is strictly recommended for a beginner trying to get started with pole dancing as it comes with every basic feature a beginner needs to get started.  

Keep in mind that this X-pert pole, 2014 model is 45mm and made out of durable chrome. The poles are ‘switchable’ to the static mode or spinning mode for the flexibility of trying out other styles. The starter kits feature the tool kit, dry hands, carrier bags, etc.

Pole dancers love the dry hand grips as it keeps your hand glued to the pole when you have sweaty and slippery hands.

The starter kits include a DVD for beginners’ benefits. The DVD introduces the basics and everything a beginner should know to kick off pole dancing. Aerial sound, grounded moves, static holds, and how these moves can transform into glorious dance – these are some of the things to learn from the professional video. Beginners will be blown away by the wealth of knowledge packed together in this DVD.

There’s an installation video on the package where you can learn how and where to set up your dance pole.


  • Super easy to set up with a great installation manual  
  • Secure and durable  
  • Switchable from static to spinning modes and vice versa


  • Extension not included (can be bought separately)

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3. MegaBrand Removable Exotic Stripper Dancing Pole – Budget friendly  

Megabrand created this 45mm, removable dancing pole for at-home use. The pole is structured to support a variety of creative moves for beginners. Plus, it’s a great pole for strength training.  

This pole is available at a much more budget-friendly price than other products featured on our list. And of course, there’s no diminish in quality (okay, maybe a little. We’ll discuss that).  

Most poles do not feature extension kits, you have to purchase them separately. But for this dancing pole, you’re enjoying the benefit of a follow-come extension kit. This saves you a few bucks, of course.

Like most dancing poles on our list, the MegaBrand Removable Exotic Stripper Dancing Pole has rubber protection that keeps the floor or ceiling protected from future damage.  

Like other products, it also features the static and spinning mode with the lock/unlock screw. Professional pole dancers love poles made from chrome and this one is no exception.

The biggest downside of owning a cheap pole is how injurious it can be if it gets pulled out of the floor or the ceiling. The pole is extremely durable and holds up to 200lbs of weight even as you perform your favorite turns.


  • The included extension helps saves a few bucks  
  • Budget-friendly without diminishing quality


  • The lock may wear down after some months of use. However, this is still a great beginner option.

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4. go2buy Professional Dance Pole

Here’s another amazing, competitively priced dance pole from go2buy. This dance pole is made out of chrome-plated steel with adjustable height!

Your safety is at the forefront of your consideration lists, and the manufacturers of this budget-friendly pole kept that in mind too. Surprisingly, go2buy Professional Dance Pole can hold up to 440lbs of weight.

The plate and the upper support drone make this pole fit for someone on a fitness pursuit as it provides great support.  

Feel free to practice weightlifting, spinning, or unleash your creativity while staying protected at home.  

It also comes with extension kits so you’re saving some bucks.

As expected, the pole has static and spinning modes. They are removable so you can move them anywhere, whenever you want to without an issue.


  • Included extension kit that saves extra bucks  
  • Reasonably priced  


  • Not as reliable as X-pole or Lupit

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5. YAHEETECH Professional Pole Dancing Pole

If you want to kickstart your at-home fitness challenge or practice your favorite pole dancing moves, you may want to check out this pole kit from Yaheetech. At a decent price, feel free to extend your pole’s height from  73 inches to 90 inches.   

The height extending feature is a huge plus! Because you can easily move your pool from one location to another regardless of the height difference in between.   

At the typical 45mm wide, this dancing pole comes with a 440lbs load limit. Like the rest of the dance poles reviewed up there, its material quality is chrome standard. 

Adjust the bottom screw to switch sides between the static and spinning modes. The switch load time can be a little behind in speed quality as compared to the costly brands. 

The amazingly surprising part of this pole is that you can spin in-between sessions by simply unscrewing it. Beginners with a phobia for high speed will love this feature.   

 But you can easily understand it as the visuals in the included YoutTube video makes the manual more comprehensive. 


  • Easy to set up and remove   
  • A perfect recreational pole   
  • Decently priced


  • Not suitable for professional use

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Buyers Guide 

It’s critical not to rush to purchase a product without having a solid knowledge of certain factors. 

Take a few minutes of your time to check through this information as it could save you from the hassles of buying the wrong product. 

Why Do People Love Pole Dancing?

People love pole dancing from around the world because of the following reasons;  

It’s an amazing exercise that helps improve your strength, flexibility and muscle health. 

Pole dancing is structured to focus more on the upper body (which is a huge plus)  

Fitness workouts often find it difficult to engage the inner thighs and upper arms of the body. With Pole dance, you can achieve that effortlessly. 

Pole dancing is a great way of adding bodyweight exercise into your workout routine. 

 Pole dancing is pure fun. Sometimes, it can be challenging.  

But be sure to prioritize your safety along the line. You need an expert instructor if you’re a beginner. 

What You Need to Know Before Installing a Pole 

There’s a problem with installing a dance pole in a rented apartment.  Rules and regulations guiding the apartments doesnt make it any easier. Permanent or semi-permanent dance poles are safer but they can damage the ceiling 

I’d highly recommend installing the removable dance pole for your rented apartment because of its less threatening nature to the environment (especially less indentation on carpets

Your ultimate priority should be your safety and the safety of the environment. I notice that most dance poles have lots of tension. So you need to maintain a careful relationship between the ceiling, the floor, and the pole.  

Consider the following tips before you install your dance pole: 

  • Use a stud finder so you can find the right place that supports its tension. 
  • Make sure your pole is made out of top-grade material that can withstand the installation pressure. 
  • Ensure your pole has its chrome thoroughly electroplated and will never peel after use for some time. 

Factors To Keep In Mind Before Purchasing The Best Pole For Home Use

Type of Pole

The market is flooded with a variety of dance pole types and it can be challenging to choose the right pole. There are fixed poles. There are removable poles.  

Fixed Poles

This type of pole requires bolting their brackets into the floor and into the ceiling to create a secure and sturdy grip. Fixed poles are the best option for people living in apartments with high ceilings. 

Because of their ceiling brackets, fixed poles are stable and can withstand heavy loads. 

Removable Poles

Removable poles are kept secure through tension, pressure, and friction. They don’t need brackets. They already have round bases that support the pole. Before you place the pole, be sure that the stud on the ceiling is sturdy because placing them on ordinary plywood may damage the ceiling. 

Removable poles have a stable base. Although they’re not as strong as the fixed pole because you don’t need a screw to install them. Plus you can remove and replace them anywhere within the home. 

Read more: Static Vs Spinning Pole, What’s the Difference

Pole Size Matters 

Size matters. While 45mm is the most common size among dance poles, people still use sizes like 40mm, 42mm, and 50mm. Professional pole dancers use silicone dance which is larger than the ones mentioned above. 

The only reason I think you may need a different size from the typical 45mm is if you’re looking for a pole that fits right into your hand size. However, keep in mind that using another size apart from 45mm can affect you if you participate in a dance competition because 45mm is the yardstick for all competitions. 

Pole Height Matters 

One of the major concerns of people who want to buy a pole for home use is if it fits right into their home ceiling. While every dance pole comes with a ceiling height chart, it’s time-consuming to read charts for ceiling height for each potential pole you want to buy. 

That’s a big reason why I recommend removable dance poles. And that’s because they feature an extra extension that lets you adjust to your ceiling height. 

You can also shorten your pole. Just buy an extra extension and replace the main pole. 

Bottom line 

So, here you go! Owning a dance pole is a good thing. It’s a great way to learn your pole dancing faster. Thanks to new technology, installing the best dance pole for home use is super easy. 

Our top pick is the Rekink portable Dance Pole for Home with quality material, decent height, flexible, strong base, and at a reasonable price point. And if you’re budget-tight, you can go for the MegaBrand Removable Exotic Stripper Dancing Pole. It is removable, beginner-friendly, and floor-protective. 

Overall, all other products reviewed offer values in their unique ways. 

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