5 Best Pole Dance Knee Pads In 2023 (Buying Guide & Review)

If you’re in a hurry and just want to know which pole dance knee pads would be the best, then I would recommend,No Cry professional Knee Pads, as your best choice. 

Decades ago, hardly will you find a pole dancer with knee pads – Maybe it’s due to scarcity, club policy, or lack of interest…..many dancers just don’t wear them.

The kind of protective wear a dancer puts on when performing knee intensive movement can make (protect) or mar (cause damage) their knee wellness if not taken seriously.

Many brands have come up with a solution to safeguard the knees of dancers by creating the best pole dance knee pads.

These products are an unparalleled mix of style and protection especially during practice sessions when you have to repeat the same move over and over. 

In this article I will review the following pole dance knee pads:

5 Best Pole Dance Knee Pads Reviewed 

Best Pole Dance Knee Pads

This review will cover the best knee pads from the most reputable brands.

Selections will be based on our test results and dancers’ experience wearing them for a few days.

Comfort, style, breathability, and padding are some of the factors we covered. 

1. No Cry professional Knee Pads  – Best Overall 

The No cry Knee Pads work great for pole dancing and add a great deal of protection to the knees. If comfort and protection when dancing is your priority, here’s a knee pad for you. 

They’re a suitable knee pad for jazz, ballet, tap, and other modern dances. More thanks to its lightweight design.  

This knee pad is made out of contoured silicone pads and bamboo knit fabric. We love that the gel padding is easy to use and provides utmost support to the knee.

You can easily (and quickly) put on and remove the knee pad so you can resume your dance session. More thanks to its slip-on design. It also stays firm and in place when dancing or practicing.  It doesn’t jiggle around or pull in between your legs.

The Nocry Knee Pads are for anyone looking for support on their knees without wearing something bulky. Its lightweight design reduces weight and promotes faster movement while the elastic band keeps them in place when dancing.

The knee pad is sold in black color but we’ll prefer if other versions are also available for sale. It is hand and machine washable. However, because of their thin texture, we don’t recommend them for a high-impact dance or sport. 


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • The nude color is nearly invisible
  • Highly protective 


  • Available in nude colors only
  • Not suitable for high impact dance 

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2. Queen Wear – Sleek Black Grip

Queen wear is suitable for modem dancers, twerk dancers, and pole dancers. looking for a knee pad that will provide a firm grip without sliding as you dance. It is designed to decently tighten to your knees without sliding up.

Although this knee pad works for virtually all dances, we highly recommend them for pole dancing. They’re made of top-quality materials for safety and comfort when you exercise.

They suitably fit any clothing type without sliding up or sliding down. The queen wea ars knee pad has a slim and flexible design suitable for pole dancing. In addition, the silicone layer is harsh-resistant and doesn’t wear.

The ventilation zone is designed to keep air circulating through your knee to maintain dryness even after long hours of use. What’s more, their stylish look is adorable. And lastly, it is available at a reasonable price.

Overall, we confidently recommend this knee pad from Queen wear.  Unlike our best overall, this knee pad is available in black, red, nude, brown, and pink. So you have a variety of color choices to make.


  • Highly recommended for pole dancing.
  • Provides great grip on the pole
  • Highly breathable
  • Stylish and aesthetics
  • Lightweight enough for smooth dance


  • Not as lightweight as other brands 

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3. HUEGLO Protective Knee Pads 

HUEGLO has been around in China for a while producing different kinds of high-quality knee pads at a pretty decent price. The knee pad is a suitable fit for modern dances that requires heavy movements.
HUEGLO is made of Neoprene material, soft rubber, and cushion foam to keep your knee in place with a good grip as you lie on surfaces like tile, parquet, or laminate.

It comes with stretchable polyethylene that prevents pain during the collision and offers soft protection to the knee.

This knee pad is lightweight, breathable, and comfortable for use throughout the day. Plus, you can easily fold them up for easy storage. The elastic band fits rightly into your knee for maximum protection and comfort.

There are foldable lines on the knee pads to keep your knee in one place especially when you bend them.

Their velcro-covered feature ensures that you can easily wear or remove the knee pad so you can quickly get back to your dance. They are lightweight and don’t look wieldy. Plus, you’re getting them at a decent price.

On the flip side, some users complain about how their knee reacts to the silicone inner layer. 


  • Made with sturdy and durable material
  • Easy to take off
  • Offers extremely soft protection to the knee
  • Highly affordable


  • May cause skin reaction to some users 

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4. DNM Knee Pads

DNM sells basic knee pads for jazz, ballet, and modern dancers including beginners and professionals. They keep your knee protected whenever you dance on the floor.

DNM Knee Pads provide minimal protection. It fits snugly and not tightly. It comes with padding for support when dancing on the floor. Although the knee pad offers decent protection, you can have your knee bend with no restriction.

The medium size is suitable for most dancers but you can also find them in a variety of sizes so you can make your choice.

They’re easy to use, stable, and protect the knee even during the high-impact dance. Even with their thin and less bulky nature, they still offer effective protection to the knee.

They’re a suitable fit for dancing. However, they’re available in black colors only.


  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Less bulky
  • Affordable


  • Available in black color only
  • May loosen up with time

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5. JMOKA Non-Slip Knee Brace

The elastic JMOKA knee brace is designed to support and compress your knee. It comes with a thick anti-collision sponge pad for optimal protection.

The soft and elastic material supports comfortable to wear. The interior padding feels nice on the skin as it’s not too thin or thick. It is aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to use. 

Apart from protecting a dancer that falls, it also promotes blood circulation and maintains a healthy joint.

JMOKA Non-Slip Knee Brace comes with elastic cuffs that prevent the knee sleeves from sliding up while providing 360° protection to the knee.

The knee sleeve material is breathable and elastic. It is moisture-resistant and can keep you dry and comfortable when dancing.

This means you can wear them for many hours without causing discomfort. You’ll feel comfortable wearing them. 

It’s a unisex knee brace designed for both males and females. Apart from the default black color, it is also available in pink. Although JMOKA Non-Slip Knee Brace is not the most durable option in the market, you won’t regret making this option.


  • Lightweight
  • Elastic
  • Excellent value for money
  • Thick anti-collision sponge pad


  • A little bit bulky
  • Not strong enough for intense use

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Buyers Guide – How to Choose the Best Dance Knee Pad 

Every dancer deserves a high-quality knee pad for many reasons, especially safety.

Knee conditions like meniscus and pain syndrome can be caused by trauma and extreme stress on the knee through exercise.

Knee pain can cause extreme pain and affect your dancing career. Meniscus tears are one of the most prevalent injuries among dancers.

According to recent studies, one out of three dancers will experience knee pain at a point in their career. So every dancer must understand how to prevent these injuries.

Knee pads are a must for dance students. 

A lot of dancers avoid wearing knee pads because they can become sweaty and hot. 

However, you may not be comfortable wearing some knee pads but keep in mind that the heath of a dancer matters most.

So when you understand what it means to have a knee pad, then you’ll find a way to get a high-quality knee pad for your dance training or league (if you don’t have one already)

To make the right choice, here are some of the criteria to follow: 


First off, you need to consider the size. You might risk getting injured if you wear a knee pad that doesn’t fit you. Know your knee size before you buy the pad. Measurements usually range from size one to four. 

Knee Pad Size Chart

Measure your leg circumference at a height of 7cm/2.7 inch from the center of the knee, as is shown in the picture. Your leg should be upright and the measuring tape should be put a little stretch around your legs.

Knee Pads for Pole Dancing 

There are knee pads uniquely designed to protect your knees when practicing pole dancing. 

They’re not designed differently from the typical dance knee pads.

 Pole dance knee pads are explicitly designed to provide a special grip on dance poles. And that’s possible due to the silicone coating on the kneecap surface.  

Low-quality knee pads may be unable to provide the right support on your knee or even slide up when you’re dancing (mostly high-impact dancing). 


Kneepads are solely designed to prevent knee injuries when dancing (in case you fall). Go for knee pads made out of durable materials and be sure that they’re too thick or heavy.

Be sure that you go for knee pads with breathable materials. While knee pads made with leather and rubber provide optimal support and comfort, their extreme thickness is a turn-off for practice. A lot of dancers will rather go for natural/semi-natural materials with enough breathability.

The only difference is their durability and that they quickly deform and require replacement within a short time.

Knee pads made with materials like neoprene, nylon, and Lycra are also breathable and moisture resistant,  and they’re more durable compared to cotton.  


The elasticity of a knee pad is a factor to pay attention to. A knee pad that’s too loose or too tight will cause you to be uncomfortable when dancing with zero protection. 

Dancing is the freedom to move. So you need a knee pad that supports free movement without restrictions and only an elastic knee pad can offer that. In addition, be sure that they can fit snugly on the skin. 


Although protection is the most important part of a dance knee pad, aesthetics is also a priority.

I get it,  a lot of dancers don’t really care about the looks of their knee pads as long as it offers their knees the desired protection, but you should also consider them. Ideally, you can go for the black knee pads for training and your desired color for performance. 

Protective Pad

Knee pads with neat and less thick cushions are usually bulky and can restrict movement. They are also aesthetic. 

You’ll need to use a knee pad with padding if your dance style requires that you land on your knees. They’ll be more comfortable and effective when you use them. Some models also come with removable cushions.

Most polyurethane foams are made from materials like PC foam, polyethylene foam, nylon foam, XPS foam, and polyurethane foam.

The best knee pads for dance take your knee to shape after 2-3 uses.

The areas of the cushion with the protective feature are usually on the lower part of the knee because the impact of falling on your knee is usually felt on this side of the knee.

Final Thoughts

We hope you found value from this review and buyer’s guide. If you’re looking for the best knee dance pad for injury protection, then you can choose the No Cry professional Knee Pads. The knee pad provides optimal support and protection while improving mobility.

This pad comes with gel pads that provide support, breathability, and safety to the knee. You can find them easy to work for your knee without being too tight or too loose.

Overall, make sure you choose a knee pad that works with your requirement and dance type.

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