Can Men Pole Dance? (Explained for Beginners)

With the ever-increasing popularity of pole dancing among women for both fun and fitness, there are men who have also started to show an interest in doing the activity. This is no surprise considering how appealing pole dancing is for staying in amazing shape and having a great time while doing it. Due to its naturally feminine nature, a lot of men wonder if they can even participate in pole dancing as a male. Some might question whether the moves require too much flexibility, for instance.

So, can men pole dance? Well, of course men can pole dance, but there is some basic information to keep in mind regarding fitness studios’ rules and how well men can do certain maneuvers on the pole, as well as whether the moves carried out on the pole are possibly too feminine for some men to want to do.

This article will discuss the maneuvers involved in pole dancing and any rules applied by fitness studios and how these two things can affect a man who wants to try out pole dancing. Read on to learn whether you, as a male, can dance your way to the top of the pole.

Can Men Pole Dance

The Moves

Men have naturally very different bodies than women, with typically larger frames that hold more muscle. Along with that, the male body usually requires different movements to accentuate its features and look sexy. Men might also be under the impression that the activity necessitates too much flexibility.

This can cause some men to question whether pole dancing is appropriate for them. This section will discuss this very topic.

Physical Ability

Men have very different physiques than women, which means they have different experiences when doing various physical activities. This is why men should approach pole dancing a little differently than women do. One way to do this is by opting for specific moves that cater to the physical advantages that men have over women.


Although men are naturally less flexible than women, they can work on their flexibility by regularly doing stretches. They will also become increasingly more flexible if they make a habit of practicing on the pole.

One way to work on becoming more flexible is by practicing yoga. Try to find yoga poses that mimic the movements you execute on the pole. As with anything you want to improve on doing, consistency is key to increasing your flexibility, so make sure to work at it by stretching every day, at least once a day.


Men are usually heavier than women. However, they are, on average, stronger than women due to higher testosterone levels and greater overall muscle mass. If men can work on getting the moves down, they can actually carry out even more impressive maneuvers than women due to their natural strength.

Muscle Mass

If you are a male and would like to get good at pole dancing, you should work on building lean rather than bulky muscle mass. Lean muscles are lighter and get in the way far less often than bulky biceps and quads, which can hinder the complex movements that are done on the pole.

Since pole dancing is a form of calisthenics, meaning that those who do it use their own body weight to build muscle mass and become more fit, you will eventually build up nice lean muscles if you keep pole dancing.

A few ideal maneuvers for men to do on the pole include climbs, floor works, inverts, and spins.

Are They Too Feminine?

Some men may be concerned about whether the moves carried out in pole dancing are too feminine for them to do without looking odd when they dance. However, if men do certain combinations of moves, they can really make pole dancing their own, adding a less feminine flare to it.

In fact, men have been doing this for a very long time, so there are plenty of examples online you can check out.

Keep in mind that before you start trying out different combinations of moves, you should first work on getting the basic moves down to the point where they come naturally to you.

Once you are ready to do combinations, you can attempt the easiest ones first: the double-tap, upright V, and pole climb. If you are concerned about your moves not being masculine enough, you should definitely avoid the booty pop and body wave.

Class Rules

It can sometimes be difficult for men to find a good pole dancing class to participate in. Many of the available classes at fitness studios consist of all or mostly women. Thus, some men might think it would be awkward and uncomfortable to join in on one of these classes.

Females Only

Some pole dancing classes actually only accept women students, simply for the sake of the participants’ comfort or to empower women by way of using pole dancing. If you happen to live in or near a large city, you might just be lucky enough to find a class geared toward men or with a male pole dancing instructor.

If you can’t find a males-only class to attend, you can also try to find a class that seems like it is for everyone to join and simply risk the possibility of being the only man attending.

If you feel awkward about attending an in-person class of mostly women pole dancers, try to remember that they will most likely respect your decision to be there and welcome your presence as you all have the common interest of wanting to learn how to pole dance.

You can even just get a couple sessions in and then buy a pole for your home to continue practicing. If you can just get past that first class meeting when you are introduced to your classmates, you will probably feel much more comfortable attending the following classes.

Otherwise, there is always the option of taking a few one-on-one private lessons, though this can be quite pricey.

Online Classes

If you can get your hands on a pole to set up in your home, you also have the option of trying out online classes. This is something that you can consider doing if you do not wish to attend a class in person.

Just keep in mind that it is a much safer route to do this after you have some experience with pole dancing, as the maneuvers can be dangerous, especially inverts. If you do happen to attempt pole dancing at home as a rookie and you live by yourself, think about having a friend come over just in case you injure yourself. You should also consider putting a safety mat on the floor around the pole.

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Final Notes

If you are a man who wants to learn how to pole dance, you should definitely work toward your goal of doing so. Male pole dancers can do some of the most amazing maneuvers that are possible on a pole due to their muscle power. As long as you are consistent in your pole dancing workouts, you will be able to do complex maneuvers just like women pole dancers.

So, what are you waiting for? Find a class near you where you think you will feel comfortable learning, and get moving on the pole.

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