How Old Do You Have to Be to Pole Dance? (Important Facts)

An incredibly fun and effective way to get in a good workout is by taking a pole dancing class. Not only does it help you increase your strength tremendously, but it can also teach you how to be more comfortable and feel sexier in your own skin. However, many fitness studios require their students to be a minimum age to attend, which can be a barrier for a lot of people under 18 who would like to take a class in the subject.

How old do you have to be to pole dance? Generally speaking you can start pole dancing at least 18 years old, but it is really quite dependent on the fitness studio or instructor. There are a few things to keep in mind, though, when it comes to the age requirements for pole dancing.

This article will go over some factors that may affect the minimum age requirement that various fitness studios have for pole dancing classes, and it will cover a few alternatives to an in-person group class. After reading, you will have a good idea of the age you can be to take one of these thrilling classes.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Pole Dance


First of all, there are many studios and private instructors who do not wish to allow people under 18 into their class as the material can be somewhat inappropriate for a minor. Some studios even require their students to be a minimum age of 21 rather than 18.

Instructors may not only be concerned about the minor’s experience, but also about the other students’ experiences. For example, it could end up being awkward for older students to learn risqué moves in the presence of a younger person, as they may deem it inappropriate for them or find it to be distracting having a minor around while they are carrying out sexy moves.

For a younger person to have a better chance of being old enough for a pole dancing class, they should look into classes that are described as pole fitness rather than pole dancing courses. These types of classes typically involve less material that aims toward being sexy and are more concerned with the fitness aspect, so they might be more willing to let a minor join in on the dancing fun.


Some fitness centers and private pole dancing studios might be wary of letting minors participate in their class due to concerns for the health of their growing bodies. When muscles and the skeletal structure are still in the process of forming, it can negatively impact their growth if the individual’s body is put through strenuous activities.

Pole dancing requires the participants to do intense maneuvers at times, which can affect a young person’s body.

Also, it can be quite dangerous to do some of the dynamic moves that are a part of pole dancing. If a minor is not already strong enough to do certain maneuvers, which is typically the case, they could end up getting seriously injured. Thus, this is also a concern for many fitness studios that offer pole dancing classes.


Usually, the main reason for a fitness studio to avoid letting minors participate in a pole dancing class is that they do not want to have to deal with any legal issues that may arise. Although some studios will take minors as young as 13 with either a waiver signed by their legal guardian or the presence of their legal guardian in the class, this is usually not the case.

This is typically because their business’ insurance does not cover any accidents experienced by participants who are under the age of 18. Thus, they are simply just trying to avoid a lawsuit, which is completely understandable for any business.

You may just get lucky, though, and find a class that is being held near you that does allow minors to join in as long as they have a signed waiver on hand. Make sure to check out all of the class offerings around your general area to see if you can locate one.

Check Class Description

Many pole dancing classes have good descriptions that detail the structure of their class, the class schedule, what material the class will cover, and any information regarding their minimum age requirements. Some studios might even go into the details as to why they do not allow minors to participate, if this is the case.

Thus, you should be certain that you read through the entire class description that is provided by the fitness studio you would like to go to. If you cannot figure out their age requirements based on the course description alone, you can always call the studio or shoot them an email asking them about this matter. You may even be able to appeal to them if you tell them you are willing to have a legal guardian sign a waiver, but you should not count on this.

It is important for you to figure out a class’ minimum age requirements before attempting to join a pole dancing class so you are not turned away after you get there due to your age. As mentioned previously, if you are a minor, you will most likely have better luck with trying to attend a class described as pole fitness rather than pole dancing, so you can try these out first.

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If you have searched far and wide, even in cities that are further than you would like to travel, and you are still having trouble locating a pole dancing class that will take you due to your age, you can always opt for an alternative option.

For example, you can look into hiring a pole dancing instructor who will give you private, one-on-one lessons. You just may be able to find someone who is willing to instruct a minor, especially if you have a signed waiver from a parental guardian stating that the instructor is not liable should anything happen to you during the class, such as an injury as a result of falling on your head while doing a move upside-down.

Another option you might want to consider is taking a pole dancing class that is offered online. These classes are typically more lenient about their age restrictions. You could also look into online classes that are pre-recorded, as these can be done by anyone.

Although if you take this route, you will not get the attention you may want to learn as best as you can, this could at least be a first step in learning the basics of pole dancing. Also, if there are no other options for you as a minor, this might be the only choice you actually have. Keep in mind, though, that the only way you can really do this is if you have a pole in your home.

Final Notes

You should now know how to go about figuring out how old you need to be to pole dance with a specific fitness studio’s class.

To reiterate, if you have trouble finding an in-person class that will allow you to participate as a minor, even with a waiver signed by your legal guardian, you can look into online pole dancing classes to see if there are any options for you.

You will just need to obtain a pole and get it installed in your home, as it would be quite difficult to learn how to pole dance without one.

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