Is Ballet A Good Way To Lose Weight? (Explained)

Dancing is definitely a fun and active workout option. It has many benefits, such as doing some cardio and strengthening almost all muscle groups. Ballet is one dancing option with various health benefits, but is it a good way to lose weight?

Ballet is a good way to lose weight. Ballet dancing is an aerobic activity that will burn enough calories to lose weight when appropriately implemented and done intensely enough. The best way is to incorporate other workout and lifestyle methods for optimal results.

Various aspects influence how well ballet plays a role in weight loss. Intensity, pace, and duration of training will contribute to the end result. Besides the physical health benefits, ballet practice can also be a mood booster and social activity.

Is Ballet A Good Way To Lose Weight

Is Ballet A Good Way To Lose Weight?

The simple yet sometimes challenging recipe for losing weight is to burn more calories than what you take in. Talking about calories – one hour of practicing ballet can burn up to 400 calories.

On average, someone who is 125 lb. will burn around 180 calories in only 30 minutes of ballet practice. A person who is 155 lb. will burn 223 calories in the same amount of time.

It’s important to note that these calories will most likely be burnt under the best health conditions, including a good diet and the right ballet intensity for that hour. Using this “simple” rule for losing weight, any exercise, including ballet dancing, can help you lose weight.

The trick is only to ensure you burn more calories than you are taking in. Besides losing weight (if done correctly), ballet is an excellent way of working all the big muscles in your body.

Together with losing weight, ballet dancing is a great way to engage core muscles and build muscle in your body. The recommendation to lose weight is to practice ballet about four times a week or even daily if it is not too intense.

Factors Influencing Weight Loss With Ballet

The intensity of ballet dancing will help you to lose more or less weight. If the tempo, music, and steps are of higher intensity, then more calories are likely to be burnt. Also, in general, the more pounds a person weighs, the more calories they will burn in a session of activity.

The pace at which you are dancing will affect weight loss effects. Usually, beginner ballet dancers dance at a much slower pace, which is arguably not the best for a weight loss goal. Professional ballet dancers that typically have a much faster speed when practicing will likely burn more calories.

As with all other sports and types of exercising, overall diet and lifestyle will influence how effective your weight loss is. A balanced diet including all food groups that are able to sustain your caloric output is essential. Other healthy lifestyle options include managing stress and regular movement.

For example, going to a few 30-minute beginner ballet classes per week won’t alone be responsible for you losing lots of weight. But used in combination with other weight-loss tactics (diet and other workouts), it will indeed contribute towards shedding those extra calories.

Ballet can be really fun, especially practicing in a group or for a show. It is also really motivating to get certain moves and postures right after practicing for a long time. The constant reward of improvement can ensure that ballet becomes a sustainable way of working out for someone and eventually help them to lose weight.

Benefits Of Ballet Dancing As A Workout

Many people have noticed how much stronger they feel when practicing ballet moves and poses. Core strength is fundamental in ballet, and besides losing weight, different muscle groups are targeted during practice.

The improved flexibility and coordination you get from ballet have the potential to improve other areas of your life too. You may feel more balanced during other exercise activities and note an improvement in your posture. 

Besides the physical benefits of ballet, dancing is also a great mood booster and relief from stress. Not only is physical exertion good for mental and emotional health, but it is also a fun activity.

You also have the choice to take private lessons or dance in a group. Therefore, it can be an opportunity for personal growth and challenge or social activity. The motivation from dancing in a group setting, at any age, could further motivate you to lose weight through ballet practice.

Why Ballet Might Not Be The Best Way To Lose Weight

Some people argue that dancing is not a great way to lose weight of that is your primary focus, but instead contributes to muscle strengthening, flexibility, and stamina. Your overall health will be positively affected, but losing weight won’t be the main outcome.

Compared to other forms of exercise and the time taken to complete a session, ballet burns fewer calories. Fewer calories burnt mainly pertain to beginner classes where movements and practice might be slow to focus on the technique first.

The outcome could be different for professional ballet dancers or those who take classes as their main source of high-intensity aerobic activity. More calories are burnt when the focus is on faster and more demanding moves and postures.

Another perspective is that ballet can make you gain some weight due to the muscle you are building up. While you may be losing fat due to burning calories, you are building more muscle which could relate to an increase on the scale.

Gaining some weight due to building muscle should not be seen as bad, as gaining strength is good for the body and overall fitness and health. While you may be gaining a little extra, you will most likely look leaner. 


Ballet dancing is a good way to lose weight. You can burn calories when holding poses and doing ballet exercises. However, the best would be to combine ballet dancing with a balanced diet and other exercise types that may shed more calories for the best results.

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